KG The Poet & Head I.C.E Recap Their Battle

Head I.C.E says he 3-0'ed his opponent at KOTD's "Back To Basics," KG responds.

With KOTD's "Back To Basics" event fresh in the rear-view, is rolling out our exclusive coverage of the event.

During the event we enlisted Rone for some interviews and the Philly rapper caught up with KG The Poet and Head I.C.E shortly after their match-up for a recap of the battle and the event as a whole.

Head I.C.E played it cool during the interview but confidently claimed he took the battle in a 2-1 or 3-0 win.

"He said some shit," I.C.E admitted of KG's performance. "He had some shit. But you know the Wolf. Regular shit. Another day in the office. Even he could feel that. I seen it all in his face, he like, 'Yeah, the Wolf did it again.'"

Breaking down their different approaches to navigating the crowd, I.C.E also spoke about his presence in the ring and commanding the audience's attention.

"He was more direct with me, I was more direct and part of the crowd," he said. "I tried to put the crowd in it. But it was a great battle. Overall it could be 2-1 however you look at it. I'ma say I won, he gon' say he won. I.C.E gon' say 3-0 though."

For his part, KG shut down I.C.E's claims of the 3-0.

"No way 3-0," he said. "2-1 either way.

"I feel like I did what I was supposed to do," KG added. "I just gotta see the shit on footage because I felt like some of the crowd just wasn't like hearing what I was saying. We gon' see how this shit look on footage because I feel good about how I performed. He did his numbers. I did my numbers."

As for the nature of the event itself, KG opened up about appreciating the change in format as compared to his other recent battle rap appearances.

"I appreciate the shit," he said. "My last few battles been on stages, 'Battle of the Bay,' the URL joint last time. This is the shit that I come from. I appreciate it. I feel like it just gives the fans better interaction with the battlers. Shit's love."

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