Queen Of The Ring Preps For "Panic Room 3"

Queen of the Ring's next event takes place on May 17 in Manhattan.

Queen of the Ring's next event, "Panic Room 3," is nearly here and the league has been prepping for May 17 with a series of media drops on their YouTube channel.

40 B.A.R.R.S. will take on Chayna Ashley, Phara Funeral is giving up-and-comer Diesel a shot, Bonnie Godiva will face off against C3, and plenty more.

Check out a collection of the drops below and some pre-event Twitter antics after the jump.

Debo Announces "Panic Room 3"

Here's the official announcement for the event in which Debo drops the early details about the event: the venue is B.B. King's House of Blues in Manhattan, there will be eight battles, and a single fan is going to put up $500 of his own money for the best performance of the night.

Shooney Da Rapper Announces Return

Shooney Da Rapper is making her return against QOTR original Dutchess, herself returning to the league for the first time in years, and has already promised "big things" from her performance.

Here's what Dutchess had to say about that match-up.

8R14 Announces QOTR Debut For PR3

Long Beach native 8R14 will make her QOTR and East Coast debut against Cee The Boss. Check out her drop below where she warns her opponent to "bring her best."

Cee The Boss Responds To 8R14

Here's what Cee The Boss has to say about her opponent 8R14: "She don't deserve to battle me. She don't deserve to be on this fucking card. This is only for you Debo. I'm tight I'm even battling this bitch."

Phara Funeral Confirms Diesel Battle

The PR3 card features a couple rookie vs. vet style battles and Phara Funeral will definitely be playing the part of the veteran in her match-up. Here Phara admits to taking some L's in her career but warns Diesel that she'll be putting her best foot forward.

Casey Jay Warns Ms. Miami To Step Her Bars Up

Another rookie vs. vet battle planned for PR3 is Casey Jay vs. Ms. Miami. In the video below Casey Jay accuses Miami of "running out of bars" and warns her to step her game up.

Ms. Miami Responds To Casey Jay

In her drop for QOTR Miami didn't have too much to say but promised to "shake the building" and hoped for a classic battle against the "little girl from Texas."

MyVerse Hoping For A Come Up

"I gotta go through [Star Smilez] to get to all these other girls so bear with me," MyVerse says in her "Panic Room 3" drop, throwing a little shade at her opponent.

Check out the pre-event Twitter hype below:



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