KOTD's “Back To Basics” Interview Round-Up

Rone, Anygma, Reverse Live, Madflex, Psycoses and Fredo recap KOTD's Los Angeles event.

Now that the controversy between Dizaster and Billy Boondocks has faded, we can get back to focusing on the battles from King Of The Dot’s “Back To Basics,” which from pretty much all accounts were top notch.

Here are a bunch of our interviews from the event. Don't miss the previously published ones we did with Carter Deems, Illmaculate and Head I.C.E too.

Reverse Live Recaps The Event

After facing off against Sketch Menace at B2B, we caught up with Reverse Live to get his thoughts on the event, who he believed had the best battle of the night and to get his take on the match-up between The Saurus and Rone.

Psycoses Speaks On Breakout Battle

Following his battle against RemyD, Psycoses recapped his match-up and commented on the style clash of the bout.

Anygma Talks FlipTop League At “Back To Basics”

After facing off against Fredo, FlipTop boss Anygma spoke with our correspondent Rone to discuss a variety of topics including the monumental success of the Filipino battle league.

Fredo Touches On Fresh Coast’s Battling History

We caught up with Fredo after his battle against Anygma to get a history lesson on the Fresh Coast and its place in the battle rap history book.

Madflex Recaps MegaDef Battle, Rone Speaks On Opponents No-Showing

West Coast up-and-comer Madflex spoke to Rone about some of the challenges he had prepping for his "Back To Basics" battle before flipping the script and interviewing the interviewer about his string of opponents no-showing against him.

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