Cadalack Ron: “I Ejaculated Blood. On Multiple Occasions”

Rone gets inside the outlandish mind of Cadalack Ron at KOTD's "Back To Basics."

At "Back to Basics" in L.A. in April, occasional BR staff member Rone sat down with the controversial cult figure Cadalack Ron to talk drugs, four months of sobriety, ghost peppers, TempurPedic mattresses (again), shoplifting, that mid-battle "heroin" shot and non-narcotic gardening.

"After I just got off steroids, I came blood. I shit you not. I ejaculated blood. On multiple occasions." As revealed in our previous interview with him, Cadalack Ron has had some near brushes with death and his sobriety, he maintains, has had a notable effect on both his personality and his performances. "The new Caddy Ron is all about love, man. I'm here to hug people ... I'll battle a fuckin homeless bum in a alley. I don't give a fuck. I'll battle anyone, anywhere. anytime, any league — no one's fuckin' with sober Caddy."

He also announced that he was supposed to battle Tricky "Trick Stephens" P at the event.

For an interview as honest and unhinged as you would expect it to be (and one of our longer ones at that) don't miss the video above.

Who do you want to see Caddy battle?