Dizaster To Return To KOTD Against Chilla Jones

Dizaster makes his return to KOTD at June 27th's "Back To Basics 2" event in Los Angeles.

It's official.

Dizaster will be returning to KOTD at June 27th's "Back To Basics 2" event in Los Angeles, against Boston emcee Chilla Jones. The three-round main event is a short-notice replacement for Carter Deems vs. Head I.C.E, which was cancelled earlier this week because of Carter's medical issues.

This will be Dizaster's first battle for the league since he punched Math Hoffa and set off a firestorm of controversy, eventually leading to him getting banned from the league for a year. Conveniently, the June 27 event marks exactly 365 days since that battle.

In his year away, Dizaster made headlines with a mega-battle against Cassidy and stayed sharp with low-key match-ups against Aktive, Big T, and Tierstar on a trip to Germany. The last time he visited a KOTD event, he caused a commotion when an argument with Billy Boondocks turned into a fight on the rooftop patio.

In that time, Chilla has gotten bigger and bigger match-ups, including Conceited at "MASSacre" and Math Hoffa, coincidentally, also in his return battle after the Dizaster incident.

Both emcees commented on Twitter today:

Read more about the event, including ticket and pay-per-view info, here.

And for Chilla's thoughts on Dizaster, read his review of the Cassidy battle here.

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