Dizaster On Chilla Jones: "I'm Gonna Wipe The Floor With Him"

Dizaster visits the BattleRap.com offices for another epic interview ahead of his return to KOTD.

Ahead of his upcoming battle with Chilla Jones at KOTD's "Back To Basic 2" on June 27, Dizaster visited BattleRap.com's Los Angeles office to talk about how the match-up came together, to explain the previous beefs he's had with Chilla and to mercilessly mock the style that Chilla reps.

After making fun of Chilla's "wordplay" style, Dizaster speaks on his own content being superior, though admittedly less popular with some fans. "See this is the problem why I'm not gonna be able to 'beat' Chilla Jones. Even if I destroy him, they won't know he's getting destroyed and neither will he. It's like a fuckin' fucked up paradox. It's like he's sitting there ... he's not gonna know he's getting killed because my material — no matter what he does — is gonna be more original, cutting-edge, direct and just more potent that his."

Dizaster also sends a message to Chilla and any potential future opponents.

"I think I'm gonna wipe the floor with him but I'm pretty sure he's gonna have a lot of people who said he won. I have a lot of haters that will go with whoever I'm battling. That's a good thing that people get when they battle me. It's a plus. I remind all you fucking battlers, if you're about to get into a battle with me, know you're about to gain a bunch of new fans. They're all gonna become your fans. Not because you're dope but because they have to become your fans, because their fucking ego doesn't allow them to not become your fans."

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BattleRap.com will be in the building doing updates and our own Chris Mitchell will be co-hosting the live pay-per-view with Dirtbag Dan. Buy it here.

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