Sketch Menace vs. Eurgh Set For "World Domination 5"

The showdown between KOTD and Don't Flop is finally happening.

Staff members from King Of The Dot and Don't Flop will finally clash at August's "World Domination 5" event in Toronto. The two leagues have been playing nicely lately, but there was some public beef in 2013/2014 that stemmed from Eurgh calling out KOTD during a 2-on-2 battle against Loe Pesci and Bender in England.

Since then KOTD Alberta division boss Sketch Menace and DF co-founder Eurgh have taken playful swipes at each other in battles. Sketch while battling Soul at "Blackout 4" and Eurgh while making his return to KOTD against 24/7 at "Blackout 5" (before ending by saying it was "good to be back").

Check this trailer for those lines:

We broke down this beef when it happened back in the old days of TOBattleBlog.

Listen to it here:

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