Music Of The Month: Daylyt, Tsu Surf, Shotty Horroh

Our monthly round-up of the best music from the world of battle rap.

This month’s battle rap music releases featured a number of high-profile emcees getting involved in the time-honored hip-hop tradition of diss tracks. Let us know which ones you think have mainstream appeal in the comments at the end of this article.

Daylyt feat. “Drake” – "Uncharged Up" (Meek Mill Diss)

Although having nothing to do with it, Daylyt again found his was into the limelight as he inserted himself into the Meek Mill and Drake beef with a VladTV-released song “featuring” the Toronto rapper. Was this just another example of Day’s professional trolling skills? Of course it was. But that didn't stop it from getting two million views (and counting) and baiting Meek to apparently address him in the intro of his "Wanna Know" response.

Staying on topic, here's another side of Daylyt with this hilarious gem he released this month.

Shotty Horroh – "Just Sayin'"

Shotty Horroh is one guy who isn’t afraid to say what's on his mind, and he's helped build his name off past diss tracks to Lunar C and others. This time he put all of battle rap's top tier in his sights. The U.K. emcee had bars for the URL elite (including Tsu Surf, Loaded Lux and Big T) as well as Caustic, Illmaculate, The Saurus, and just about everyone else you’ve ever heard of.

While we’re featuring Shotty Horroh tracks, check out this release featuring Scru Fizzer and Trigga.

Illmaculate – "New Chain" (Pat Stay/Shotty Horroh Diss)

So far the only rapper to respond to Shotty’s track was KOTD’s #1 contender. Although Illmac wisely saved most of the direct shots for the future battles, his flawless delivery on the track did what he set out to accomplish, which was to show that he can grab any beat and drop amazing lyrics on command. Shotty tweeted that the response was “Dry as fuck” but we’ll let you be the judge.

Taking a page out of Drake's playbook, Illmac dropped a second track before anyone had responded. "I guess I'm my only competition," he muses in the verse.

Keith Ape feat. A$AP Ferg, Father, Dumbfoundead, and Waka Flocka Flame – "IT G MA (Remix)"

In addition to being announced for a "World Domination 5" headline battle, Dumbfoundead found enough time in his schedule to feature alongside some huge names for the remix of the Korean rap runaway hit.

Real Deal feat. Cortez, Jonny Storm, and Daylyt – "Back To This Money"

The working man’s emcee links up with some of battle rap's heavy hitters for this fun track from his recently released album “Mountains and Molehills."

A-Class on DOOM Beats

Baltimore emcee A-Class flexes on his latest EP over some select DOOM cuts. His smoked-out style and witty punchlines work perfectly over the selections and the result is a really cool project worth checking out.

Tsu Surf – "Chopper 2 Da Funeral"

The Newark, N.J. rapper released a barrage of songs in July, including this heavy cut over a beat from producer Montage.

The Buttress feat. Jak Tripper – "Watch Movies"

If you're a fan of alternative hip-hop, check out Jak Tripper on this track from The Buttress' upcoming EP. He'll be putting his brand of spooky, horror-inflected rap against Tink Da Demon for iBattle this September.

Lunar C – "Cool As Fuck"

Cheesy special effects and green-screen backgrounds abound in Lunar's new visuals. Throw in car chases, explosions, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and you’ve officially blown my mind.


Math Hoffa - "My Music"

Hitman Holla - "Freestyle"

Cortez - "For The Fame"

Konshis Pilot - "Wake Up"

Automatic Ray - Black Rose EP

CoJay - "God Damn"

Funzo & Leanne - "DFAFD"

Bowski - "Fuck Eurgh"

The Barchitects - Vol. 1 Mixtape

Dirty Harry & New'L & OG Maco "25-8"

Chedda Cheese - "Shut It Down"

JShort - "Death Note"

Chef Trez - "Drug Lord"

TomBig feat. Bill Collector - "No Hook"

Cj City - Another Day At The Office

Which ones are your favorites? Link any we missed in the comments section too.