Gjonaj & Dizaster Call Each Other Out

The 2015 breakout rookie and West Coast veteran have taken shots at each other online.

Dizaster caught up with BattleRap.com after stealing the limelight on both days of King Of The Dot's "World Domination 5" mega-event, and used the opportunity to take swings at Gjonaj, a battler many have compared to him and who he has previously shown interest in battling.

"I don't know if I still would battle him man," laughs Diz, "I think I'll crush the living shit out of him. I would fuck him up bro... that's why I said I would battle him, because there's certain people that I just, you know... he doesn't even know what I would fucking do to him."

In running with the theme of Dizaster not exactly shying away from impersonations (after his appearance as DizastEurgh over the weekend) he also drops a rendition of Gjonaj's snarling delivery.

Gjonaj was quick to address the imitation on Facebook, saying:


Direct trash-talk between the two has proven more difficult than usual since they're on different forms of social media (the Gjonaj account on Twitter is an imposter), but Diz did tweet this:

This is a different tone from Dizaster's previous tweets about the Baltimore-based rapper, where he called Gjonaj his new favorite.

In an interview with Hughes Battle Ground, PG boss Norbes challenged the two emcees to face off on URL West, and though he calls Dizaster the best emcee to come out of that coast, still puts his money squarely on Gjonaj.

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