Scenes From Day 3 Of KOTD's "World Domination 5"

GZ battles, cyphers, a Team Homi performance and a freestyle tournament that featured Dumbfoundead against's own Chris Mitchell.

The closing day of KOTD mega-events is typically the laid-back after-party with a few GZ battles and a freestyle tournament thrown in, and Day 3 of "World Domination 5" was no different.

Despite the late start, Day 3 was a perfect wind down to a successful weekend, with a ton of battlers in the building.

Here are some shots and IG clips from the event:












GZ Battles

The Day 3 card featured several international GZ match-ups, with the standout being B.C. battler Illipsis' third round dissection of religion against Christian opponent Isaac Knox in the battle of the night.

Isaac Knox vs. Illipsis

Isaac Knox vs. Illipsis on Day 3.

Fire round from Isaac Knox. At WD5 Day 3 now.

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Illipisis killing it.

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Here's our post-battle interview with both emcees. Watch to the end to see Isaac show off his freestyle skills with renowned beatboxer Scott Jackson.

Cityy Towers vs. Shotti P

Cityy Towers vs. Shotti P at Day 3.

iBattle regular Cityy Towers made his league debut against Detroit's Shotti P.

Cityy Towers commanding in the first. #wd5

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That's Shotti P in the second against Cityy Towers. #wd5 Day 3

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Check the post-battle interview for a recap from both emcees.

Amzilla vs. Porich

Amzilla vs. Porich at Day 3.

Amzilla and Porich faced off in the night's main event.

That's Amzilla in the first against PoRich. #wd5

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Xcel didn't make it to the event to battle Realiztic because of an illness in his family.

Freestyle Cypher

Outside of the venue, several emcees joined Scott Jackson for a spontaneous cypher.

That's @adamferrone in the freestyle cypher #wd5

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Isaac Knox showing off his Disney freestyle skills. #wd5

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After the battles, Team Homi performed a quick set with appearances from Swave Sevah, Poison Pen, Bishop Brigante, Head I.C.E and more.

Poison Pen performing.

We got @swavesevah and @poisonpenbk performing at #wd5

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Freestyle Tournament

You don't volunteer for a KOTD Day 3 freestyle tournament, you get volunteered. If your name gets called you stumble your way to the pit and do your best. This has led to a long history of KOTD staff members and non-battlers taking on some of the scene's best freestylers. For this event, match-ups included Real Deal vs. (KOTD VanCity staff) Willie B, Head I.C.E vs. Mista Conspiracy, The Saurus vs. Avi Rex, Dirtbag Dan vs. Stacee Brizzle, Tycoon Tax vs. (KOTD cameraman) Joe Cash, Dizaster vs. (KOTD accountant) Sandeep, and Dumbfoundead vs. me (Battle Rap Chris).


That time I battled Dumbfoundead at #WD5 Day 3.

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Yeah @therealheadice just battled Mista Conspiracy.

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Saurus going in on Avi Rex in the freestyle battle. #classic

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And that marks the end of KOTD's WD5. See all of our coverage of it here.


Were you there? What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below.