Battle Rap Twitter Reacts To Illmaculate vs. Pat Stay

What people are saying about KOTD's title match from "World Domination 5."

KOTD's "World Domination 5" title match between Illmaculate and Pat Stay has been out for about 24 hours now and in that time has accumulated about 46,000 views on YouTube with 1344 likes and 73 dislikes.

Reaction on Twitter has been positive too, with fans calling the battle similarly to how the judges saw it, with the majority giving the first round to Pat, the second to Illmac and saying the third round is a toss up.

Here's what people have been saying about the battle on Twitter so far, starting with Illmac talking about two new potential match-ups with Hollow Da Don and Conceited.

Russian emcee Oxxxymiron also commented, in a tweet that talks about the battle being the end of the longest title run in the history of KOTD.

Cover photo by Dan Gibs for KOTD. See more of his photos here.

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