Scuffle Breaks Out After Arsonal Wipes His Sweat With G Mayn Frost's Hair Mid-Battle

Well that's definitely the weirdest headline we've had in a while.

Things got heated at the Barburians Arena event in Florida last night (Sept. 20) between Arsonal Da Rebel and G Mayn Frost, a Jacksonville-based emcee who has previously faced Rosenberg Raw and who has also battled in Toronto's GZ division.

The league released a video showing clips of what happened on stage, and what Frost said in the parking lot after Arsonal had left.

It seems tensions boiled over when Arsonal wiped his sweat with G Mayn's hair for a second time, to which Frost responded by shoving Ars backwards. Security quickly jumped in before the situation escalated.

Outside the event, Frost explained what happened from his perspective. "They got ran the fuck out the city. Everything was cool bruh, we battled, we giving each other love during the rounds, he telling me my shit hot, I'm telling him his shit hot, everything cool. I pocket check him, he say 'Okay I'ma let it slide, I'ma get em back.' Okay cool, I disrespect you I'ma let you get one, he come back and he do some little shit leaning on me, I let that go, then at the end of his round he want to grab my dreads and wipe his sweat, I put my hand on him like chill. Then when he did that shit again I tossed him into his people."

Both emcees took to social media to address the issue.

Bill Collector also chimed in on the incident.

There's now talk about a possible rematch on Arsonal's U Dubb league. If that goes down, we'll let you know.

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