Dizaster Announces "Klan Member vs. Malcolm X" For All-Costume Card

Dizaster breaks down his new "Virus" card, featuring the battle debut of Copywrite, as well as Daylyt, Cadalack Ron, Rone, No Shame, Bill Collector and more.

At KOTD's "World Domination 5" Dizaster got a ton of attention for his costumed performances against Dumbfoundead and Sketch Menace. Now he's taking the concept one step further by presenting an entire card of costumed match-ups, appropriately scheduled for the day before Halloween in Los Angeles.

Here's the full flyer:

The card blends shock and whimsy, and features controversial matches like a KKK member (played by Cadalack Ron) vs. Malcolm X (played by Daylyt), and Caitlyn Jenner (played by transgender rapper No Shame) vs. Bruce Jenner (played by Jenner look-alike Rone).

For more details on the event — called "Virus" — we reached out to Dizaster by phone, who told us most of the rappers on the card were easy to convince and loved the concepts. "I just love that they're open to be creative like that," he said. "We're trying to expand to a bigger audience and two of these battles are capitalizing on really big social issues."

As for the racially-charged main event, he explains: "Even though they're probably gonna say some fucked up shit to each other, I'm hoping that it can have a positive result in the end."

The card also has some hilariously appropriate match-ups, such as A-Class playing Bruce Lee against Bill Collector's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Danny Myers will also take on the role of Raphael the Ninja Turtle (someone he's previously been compared to) to face Shredder, who will be played by Copywrite, a veteran underground rapper making his battle debut.

"Even though he's a more old-school rapper and not a street rapper, he still has crazy bars," Dizaster said. "Copywrite is metaphors. He's kind of the originator of that shit, people just don't remember. He was doing punchlines and metaphors like the way people do them today way before everybody was doing them. I think he's gonna do really good."

Rounding out the card is a heaven vs. hell match-up with Dirtbag Dan rapping as Jesus against Megadef as Lucifer, and 50 Cent (played by The Deadman) vs. Rick Ross (played by Marv Won).

The co-main event, between "Dizaster" and "Eminem," will be a surprise, but Dizaster assures us it'll be something special (though you probably shouldn't book a flight if you're expecting to see The Real Slim Shady).

The pay structure is different than a typical event too. "Nobody is getting paid upfront," says Dizaster. "I'm giving the YouTube royalties to everybody on the card. So if these videos go viral, these rappers have the ability to get paid thousands of dollars."

Character battles regularly do massive numbers on YouTube, where Epic Rap Battles Of History has nearly 1.6 million subscribers and close to two billion views.

Daylyt's recent clash with E. Farrell (which turned into Batman vs. Superman in the third round) also caught some mainstream coverage, with MTV doing a story on the battle.

Dizaster tells us the venue, ticket prices, pay-per-view info and video trailer should be coming soon.

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