John John Da Don & Mr. Wavy Recap "Summer Madness 5" Battle

Both emcees break down what was one of the event's most one-sided battles.

It was a rough day for Mr. Wavy at URL's "Summer Madness 5." The up-and-comer had been steadily building momentum throughout his career, and his performance against K-Shine at "Rookies vs. Vets" was widely praised. But veteran emcee John John Da Don ended his run in the opening battle of the night in New York on Sept. 26.

John John Da Don: "I Just Outsmarted Wavy"

In the middle of the madness at SM5, we sat down with John John Da Don after his battle against Mr. Wavy to see what he had to say about the match-up.

“I just outsmarted Wavy, that’s all that was. Like I outsmarted Prep. It’s about outsmartin’,” said John John Da Don. “You can break down the performance and the bars, however you want to do that, however you want to judge the battle. At the end of the day, I outsmart ‘em ‘cause I know what to do. I know how to give it to these large crowds.”

He also discussed his rematch against Charlie Clips on Oct. 18 at his new Bullpen Battle League's first event and explains how he’s been slept on and underrated for too long.

Mr. Wavy: "They Didn’t Give Me A Chance"

We didn't catch Mr. Wavy at the event, but luckily ThatShitIsHotSun! got a dope interview with him fresh after the battle to get his insight.

Wavy wasn’t satisfied with the outcome of the battle and says he's waiting for the footage so he can study exactly what went wrong.

“I don’t feel 100% positive on this battle and the outcome. I feel like I got heckled by the crowd. I feel like they didn’t give me a chance to give my material,” said Mr. Wavy. “I don’t feel like my shit was trash. I just feel like they wasn’t fucking with it and John John did what he did.”

Here’s what people said on Twitter about the battle:

Mr. Wavy isn't on Twitter, but here's what he posted on Instagram:

Does Wavy deserve another shot on the URL stage? Does John John deserve more credit for his accomplishments? Leave your comments in the comment section below!