Micky Worthless & Double L Appear On “Judge Rinder”

The two emcees square off in a unique context: a courtroom.

King Of The Ronalds host Micky Worthless and U.K. emcee Double L recently appeared on an episode of Judge Rinder, a British TV show that follows a similar format to that of American counterparts like Judge Judy.

The show begins with the two emcees entering the mock-up, small-claims courtroom after Micky Worthless had filed a complaint against Double L. In his lawsuit, Worthless claims that he had lent Double L some filming equipment — including a MacBook Pro, a Canon camera, two microphones and two microphone stands — and that L lost the equipment after giving it to an associate. Micky Worthless is suing Double L for a total of £2,600 (US$4,000) for the initial loss of filming equipment, which totals £2,100 (US$3,200), as well as £500 (US$765) for the subsequent loss of earnings from footage that was being stored on the camera’s memory card.

In response to the complaint, Double L, who was borrowing the equipment to shoot a music video for his song “She Devil,” claims that he did everything within his power to protect the equipment and that the responsibility of losing the gear rests solely on the shoulders of the associate to whom he entrusted the equipment.

After a string of back and forths regarding the lawsuit, Judge Rinder awarded Micky Worthless the full £2,100 for the loss of equipment. With regards to the subsequent £500 loss of earnings, the Judge only awarded Worthless £300 as there wasn’t sufficient evidence to suggest that £500 would have been made off of the footage.

The two emcees spoke on the verdict afterwards.

“I think it went good,” Micky Worthless says. “I’m happy with the outcome. I feel like justice has been done and I can get my friendship back now with Double L. I ain’t seen him for all this time and if I’m being honest, that was hurting me more than the money because you can replace equipment.”

“I never meant to do anything wrong, I just got left in a bad situation,” Double L says. “Was it my fault? Probably, yeah. Do I take full responsibility? Yeah, but I didn’t mean to do it.”

The episode closes with a few bars from the King Of The Ronalds boss: “Big up Judge Rinder / He’s on Tinder / And he only linked one ginger.”

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