John John Da Don Battling Charlie Clips In BullPen League Launch

John John's Atlanta-based league begins with "Genisys" on Oct. 18.

John John Da Don is taking battle rap into his own hands with his new BullPen Battle League. He'll be headlining the Atlanta-based league's inaugural "Genisys" event against Charlie Clips on Oct. 18.

Here's the full line-up:

  • John John Da Don vs. Charlie Clips
  • DNA vs. Syahboy
  • Brixx Belvedere vs. Fonzie
  • Zig Zag vs. D Flamez
  • PC vs. Bad Newz
  • Riggz vs. Street Hymns

The card features some local talent from Georgia and surrounding states that you may have already seen in URL's PGs, Spit Dat Heat and Body Bag Battle League.

Check the extended trailer to get to know their material a bit more: caught up with John John moments after his "Summer Madness 5" battle to talk about the upcoming event and to ask why he wanted a rematch with Clips (they first battled in the Quiet Room in December 2013). John John explained, "Because it's like, they say Clips is the G.O.A.T., and even though that's a good, good friend of mine, I really want to be the best at this shit. I'm really on some 'if you want to be the best you have to beat the best' type shit and I spoke to Clips, I'm like 'Please don't make it easy for me 'cause I'm really gon' get in here and try to fuck you up.'"

John John also added "I feel like I've been slept on and underrated for so long and I just try to work man, every time y'all see me on that stage I'm coming to work."

The event is scheduled to go down Sunday, Oct. 18 at Taboo 2, 6075 Roswell Rd North East, Atlanta, Georgia.

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Here's the full flyer:

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