Math Hoffa, Ness Lee, Bender, Raptor Heading To South Africa

Scrambles4Money's "Talk Is Cheap 3" features talent from North America and the U.K. facing South Africa's top emcees.

South African league Scrambles4Money has released the full line-up for its upcoming “Talk Is Cheap 3” event on Oct. 23-24.

The two-day card features a healthy mix of South African, British and North American talent.

  • Math Hoffa (USA) vs. Ness Lee (USA)
  • Tumi (SA) vs. Bender (Canada)
  • Raptor (UK) vs. Chro (SA)
  • Cojay (UK) Quill (UK) vs. Kuss Diverse (SA)
  • Jake Baker (Champion) vs. Cerebro (Challenger)
  • Pava Gunz vs. Kadence
  • Elijah vs. Blight
  • Fahrenheit vs. L The Street Poet
  • Anti Bullshit vs. Democast
  • +11 draft league battles

Math Hoffa is scheduled to battle Ness Lee in the main event, a match-up that Ness first hinted at in an interview with earlier this year. The match-up was briefly cancelled, but is currently back on.

In addition, Bender is set to make his first South African appearance against Tumi, a well-known South African musician whose 2012 debut against One-L is the league's most viewed battle. His clash with Ness Lee is the #2 most-viewed and made's list of the most slept-on battles of 2014.

Elsewhere, U.K. standout Raptor — who is arguably on his way to being the next in line for a shot at the Don’t Flop title — is scheduled to square off against Johannesburg emcee Chro.

Quill will also be traveling from the U.K. to face Kuss Diverse, in place of CoJay.

S4M champ Jake Baker will be putting his own title on the line against Cerebro. We reached out to Jake to get his insight on some of the undercard battles. Here's what he said:


The grandfathers of Scrambles go head-to-head. Pava is one of the oldest and most experienced battlers in Scrambles — he is also the highest viewed in South Africa behind Tumi (and Tumi's opponent One-L). He boasts a catalogue of impressive performances against some of the top names in SA including me (Jake Baker) and Fungus, as well as a solid performance against California’s The Deadman. Pava will be going up against Kadence, a veteran Cape Town emcee whose first battle against Gin Grimes is one of Scrambles' most viewed.


With only three battles for Scrambles, Elijah is a shining example of just how quickly you can shoot up the ranks in the league. With an ever-evolving scene, top spots are never guaranteed and up-and-comers can make a name for themselves off of a great performance, however as the scene grows so does the number of battlers gunning for a main-card spot. Blight is one of the battlers who came out of Scrambles draft league and who is always entertaining. His only real competition so far was in a battle with Fungus, so he will be eager to prove himself against Elijah.


With eight battles for Scrambles, Fahrenheit is always improving, from the draft league, Prove Your Worth tournament and now the undercard of Scrambles' biggest card yet, he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fahrenheit will be going up against L The Street Poet, a relatively unknown name traveling all the way from Botswana to prove he has what it takes to battle in Africa’s biggest battle league.

“Talk Is Cheap 3” is set to go down on Oct. 23 and 24 at Shine Studios, 115 Smit Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Get your tickets here, or order the live pay-per-view for $14.99 here.

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