Caustic & Bigg K Recap Their “Back To Baysics 3” Clash

“I thought it was a fucking classic,” Caustic says.

Following their battle at King Of The Dot’s “Back To Baysics 3" this past weekend, correspondent Rone caught up with both Bigg K and Caustic to get their thoughts on the match-up, which has since been voted as the Battle Of The Night by fans who watched the live pay-per-view. We also got some insight from both camps regarding the friction that arose when Caustic said the name of Bigg K's deceased friend.

Bigg K Speaks On Tension With Caustic

Bigg K caught up with Rone following his battle with Caustic to recap what went down. Throughout the conversation, K opened up about Caustic’s personal approach in the third round, which started with him name-dropping one of K’s deceased friends before taking a much more introspective angle about his own life, rather than the disrespectful route for which he's known. Things got tense when K stopped the battle and got in his opponent's face.

“I hate that it happened because now it just opens up the floodgates for some faggot-ass shit that’ll just make me stop battle rapping to be honest with you,” Bigg K says when asked about the incident. “There’s certain lines I don’t cross in battle rap with people. We can battle and I can gun bar you to death and we’ll kill each other 30 times in a round, that’s cool, but there’s certain lines you don’t cross. The only reason why I reacted to it is because it was Caustic; that’s a person I consider my friend in this shit. If it would have been any other battle rapper who had heard me mention a dead homie’s name in a song or some shit, and then said it in a round, that’s cool; that’s faggot-ass battle rapper shit. But if I tell you something in confidence [and] then you try to use this shit to get a win on a bullshit-ass battle, that’s gay to me. I don’t respect it.”

Although tensions were running high in the battle, Bigg K notes that he and Caustic are still friends.

“He’s still my guy,” Bigg K adds. “It ain’t no issue. It’s over, it happened and it’s done. We still good. We had a conversation like men about this shit, it’s over.”

Caustic: “I Thought It Was A Classic”

Following the battle, Rone spoke to Caustic outside the venue to weigh in on the clash.

“I thought it was a fucking classic, dawg,” he says. “I thought that shit was tight as fuck.”

Later in the conversation, Caustic weighed in on the friction that occurred during the second round.

“I don’t know how to feel about it because I knew what I was doing, I knew what I was getting into,” Caustic says. “I knew it was a fucking touchy subject but I was hoping I’d get past those three seconds of initial bewilderment to really get the full point across.”

After being filled in on Bigg K’s thoughts about the incident, Caustic attempted to clarify his rationale behind the name-drop.

“If you listen to what I was saying, I wasn’t going at his homie,” he says. “But saying the name is what set it off. I was really trying to resonate; within K I really wanted him to understand what I was talking about. I wasn’t doing it as disrespect. I know it can come off like that because of who I am and what I do and shit … But what it comes down to is we just had one of the fucking dopest battles this year and people are gonna talk about this shit for a long time.”

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