Dizaster Rebuffs FilmOn’s “Virus” Involvement Claims

“I don’t give a fuck if [FilmOn owner Alki David is] a billionaire, I’ll fucking dunk my nuts on his face,” Dizaster says.

The confusion surrounding FilmOn’s apparent involvement with this past weekend’s “Virus” card has continued to dominate battle rap headlines.

Dizaster, the host of the event, took to Twitter as soon as speculation regarding the Beverly Hills-based media outlet’s participation with the card started spreading.

FilmOn owner Alki David said on Twitter that he'd funded the event in exchange for the footage.

Recently calling into The War Report, Dizaster again reiterated his stance that FilmOn had nothing to do with the event and that the company’s owner, Alki David, despite his wealth, doesn’t scare him.

“I think a lot of people are tripping because FilmOn all of a sudden are talking about [how] they’re involved,” Dizaster says. “Look, man, I just heard about them yesterday [and] I have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. I don’t associate with them. I don’t fuck with them. I don’t know what’s going on with that but the footage is with us, so they can’t really do anything. I have consent from all the artists so Alki [David], I don’t know what he’s thinking, I don’t think he’s even got his business sense right to be honest with you. He thinks he can just threaten me online and be like, ‘The video is ours’ [but] I told him to suck my dick because that’s how I feel. I don’t give a fuck if he’s a billionaire, I’ll fucking dunk my nuts on his face. Real shit.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Dizaster spoke on the tensions that arose during the “Malcolm X vs. Klansman” battle between Daylyt and Cadalack Ron. Diz says that things got too personal and that wasn’t the aim of the event.

“A lot of the battlers did too much personal shit which was weird, I didn’t want none of that,” Diz says. “Some of them went into the battle and started saying personal shit. I think Caddy even said some shit about him dressing up in real life [and] that’s not what this event was for; it was just to clown the character and it was supposed to be funny. Nobody was supposed to take it serious really.”

Listen to Dizaster’s interview on The War Report below:

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