Music Of The Month: Tsu Surf, MyVerse, Daylyt

Your monthly mixtape from the battle rap community.

Every month we compile a list of the best singles, videos and albums to come of the battle rap community.

In what seemed like a relatively slow month on the music front, this edition still features a number of songs and projects from some highly regarded names in the scene, as well as yet another Daylyt sighting on a mainstream platform. Let us know which tracks you think have commercial appeal in the comments at the end of this article.

Tsu Surf – "Her Problems"

If it seems like Tsu Surf is in this column every month, it’s because he is consistently putting out quality material, and a ton of it. His anticipated full-length album, Newark, finally came out on Oct. 30 to much fanfare.

With this single, the New Jersey emcee tackles relationships and his situations with different women. The Twizz-directed video finds Surf and a special lady sharing a number of blunts and rolling around on bed. Tough life.

The album is available on iTunes and Spotify and features Jadakiss, Styles P, and Joe Budden.

Hopsin feat. Daylyt – "No Words"

Although he isn’t technically credited on the track, Watts rapper Daylyt provides a cameo appearance in this hilarious viral hit from fellow California rapper Hopsin. While Day doesn’t spit any bars, it's still worth noting that the video has more than six million YouTube views already.

Daylyt AKA Bolivian Belvideer – "FRTTY FUTURE" 
In yet another parody track appearance, Daylyt’s auto-tuned song “FRTTY FUTURE” is providing yet another look at the simplified music that has taken over mainstream hip hop. Released as “BolivianBelvideer,” this prodding R&B track features Billy Goat on the only part of the song where the lyrics are discernible.

Rain – "Blow Me Away" and "Who Wants To Die"

The man behind URL’s banging instrumentals has long been a respected musical talent, and he hopped on a chance to capitalize on the 2015 BET cypher buzz by releasing a couple tracks from his upcoming album.

On "Blow Me Away," the slick production and video chronicles the story of two childhood friends and how their street-influenced lives spun out of control quickly. It’s a video that is powerful both visually and audibly, and is a track that is definitely worthy of a listen.

MyVerse — "Effortless"

Orlando emcee MyVerse has been making noise in the underground for some time with her music, and recently has stepped into the ring with some impressive showings that announced her arrival as a top up-and-coming battle emcee almost immediately. On her latest release, she looks and feels comfortable on an upbeat boom-bap beat, living up to the song title.

Funzo & Leanne – "Fluorescent Pedro Lessons"

Here's a relaxing remix of Pedro battle lyrics set to the tune of Arctic Monkeys' 2007 track "Fluorescent Adolescent." The at-times hilarious video by Funzo & Leanne takes some of Pedro’s more thought-provoking schemes (e.g. “your mom looks like Nick Nolte/Wears socks on her hands like Mick Foley/Her nickname up in prison is Big Tony/Her hard nipple’s my spliff pokey”). This is a must-watch for fans of Pedro or quirky British humor.

Head I.C.E – "Real Nigga Shit" (Math Hoffa Response)

After Math took a shot at I.C.E with “You Too Old,” everyone waited to hear the response and the Harlem legend delivered with this banger. Accompanied by an Escobar Entertainment video featuring a cameo from Loaded Lux, I.C.E tells Math that he gets more respect all across Brooklyn, and questions his reputation on the streets.

Jaz The Rapper – "Talk That $hit"

It’s no secret that Jaz The Rapper is a top female battle rapper. She’s a versatile artist, and like many of her counterparts she also makes incredible music. While she doesn’t stretch the boundaries of lyricism like she has on past tracks, the title of her latest track explains that it isn’t really even necessary this time. This is a classic East Coast boast and brag track, laden with straightforward punchlines like “Do you think there’s competition? Not at all/I see success but can't quite touch it like a soccer ball.”

Check out her other release from October too:

Illmaculate — "Shine"

The KOTD champ did an in-depth interview with Intuition on the Kinda Neat podcast, talking about his upbringing and early days in battle rap. As is the custom with the show, he also dropped a verse in the booth.

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