The Best Of Battle Rap Twitter (Oct. 26-Nov. 7)

The best rants, jokes and trash talk from around the battle rap world.

The battle rap conversation on Twitter never stops. To make it easier for you to track what's happening, sifts through all the chatter to find the most compelling 140-character outbursts.

This edition, Shotty Horroh reminisces on his Don’t Flop debut and Dizaster goes at it with FilmOn’s Alki David.

But first, Lush One says Dizaster would be “too much” for Murda Mook after the two faced off on an episode of Angryfans Radio.

Mook also caught up with Iron Solomon for the first time since their battle.

Eurgh admits that there are no names from the U.K. that interest him as potential opponents.

Charlie Clips got praise from Funkmaster Flex on his HOT97 radio show.

Cortez raised an interesting question.

Before Hollow Da Don threw his name into the mix.

Shotty Horroh reminisced on his Don’t Flop debut, which was Nov. 5, 2011.

Dizaster and FilmOn boss Alki David sparred over Twitter following the “Virus” scandal, which Diz later addressed in more detail during an interview with The War Report.

Cadalack Ron challenged Daylyt to a "no antics" battle after their "Virus" headliner fell apart.

Daylyt shot back at any rappers who question his approach.

Bishop Brigante and Lush One discussed Lush's involvement (or lack thereof) with FilmOn.

While Tay Roc and John John traded shots ahead of their battle, expected to headline URL's December card in New York.

And Organik started putting together next year's “Blackout 6.” What match-ups would you like to see on the card? Let us know in the comments section.

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