Calicoe On Canceling Against Ill Will: “I Wasn’t Ready”

“It wasn’t put together,” Calicoe says of his material for BBG's "Power 2."

Calicoe says the reason he withdrew from his battle against Ill Will at Barbarian Battle Grounds’ "Power 2" this past weekend was because he wasn’t prepared.

The Detroit emcee still attended the event in his home town and spoke with 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio outside the venue to explain the situation.

“The battle was tonight,” he says. “The fans are disappointed in me and I totally understand. I feel like they would have definitely been more disappointed in me if I showed up to this battle and didn’t perform the way that they want me to, and the way they expect me to. I knew I wasn’t ready yet and I had a lot of shit going on, which is not their problem at all, but that’s why I’ma battle Ill Will on an upcoming event for free.”

Continuing, Calicoe admits that this is the first time he’s backed out of a battle at such short notice but assures his fans that he’s not done with Ill Will. He later reveals that the material he had written for the clash simply wasn’t put together right.

“It’s never happened to me before but I got a lot going on,” Calicoe says. “I’m a man, I have a business and I ain’t showing up [and] disappointing my fans no more … It wasn’t put together. It wasn’t right. I’ma fuck Ill Will up, and all the fans out here right now, they know. They know.”

A video from the event posted on Facebook showed Calicoe taking the stage to explain the situation to the crowd, saying, "These people that booked me, Quest [Mcody], Marv [Won], they did great business. They handled business perfect. This is my fault. I’m pushing the battle back, I’m postponing it because a lot of shit is going on."

Later addressing the situation on Facebook, league owner Quest Mcody admitted his disappointment that the battle didn’t go down but thanked Calicoe for his honesty regarding the situation.

“Let me say this,” Quest Mcody writes. “While I was very disappointed that Calicoe didn't battle, I was very impressed in the fact that he was a man about the situation. He told the truth. A lot of cats no show and leave something to be speculated. The fact that he made it clear that we at BBG handled our end of things shows character. He took ALL the blame when he could have left it on me at the end of the day. Again, I'm disappointed that the battle didn't happen, but I'm proud of ALL the emcees that battled. [Shotti P] and [Tycoon Tax] especially for having to battle after the announcement. See yall in March.”

The trailer for the pay-per-view is up now, check it here:

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