URL Is All Up On Your TV This Week

Smack and Tsu Surf hit the news while Murda Mook, Charlie Clips and Shotgun Suge get name-dropped on "Inside The NBA."

Battle rap continues its march toward the mainstream with URL getting some significant coverage on Fox5 and some emcees getting name-dropped on TNT's "Inside The NBA" this week.

URL's Smack White and Tsu Surf joined the hosts of Fox5's "After Empire" segment to give some more context on battle rap culture. That night's episode of the hugely popular "Empire" show featured a rap battle between two characters, so Smack and Surf came on to explain a bit about how the sport works in real life.

Later in the week, Murda Mook, Charlie Clips and Shotgun Suge were referenced during a segment on TNT's "Inside The NBA" where panelist Kenny Smith compared NBA stars Chris Paul and Stephen Curry to battle rappers.

Smith has previously mentioned Murda Mook on the show, around the 4:40 mark in this video:

Shaquille O'Neal has shown love to Shotgun Suge before, who hails from his hometown of Newark, N.J.


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