Twitter Reacts To K-Shine Smacking Charron

Things got out of hand at Don't Flop Atlanta's "First Anniversary" on Nov. 28.

Tempers flared last night during the main event of Don't Flop's "First Anniversary" in Atlanta when K-Shine swung on Charron in a 2-on-2 battle. Charron and his partner 100 Bulletz took a third round angle based on Slim Jesus' "Drill Time" video, with Charron and Spit Dat Heat host Miltown Bloe pulling out fake guns and pointing them at K-Shine. Shine eventually slapped the gun out of Charron's hand, and in retaliation, Charron slapped Shine's hat off his head. Shine smacked Charron across the face. Security jumped in before anything else could happen. Charron says he and Shine have talked about it and resolved their differences now.

Here's the video, in case you're not already one of the 50,000 views since last night:

RapGrid reported that K-Shine thought Charron had a BB gun and that's why he slapped it out of his hand.

Chris Unbias released more footage from before and after the smack along with his take on what happened:

This incident comes only weeks after Daylyt shot Cadalack Ron with paintball pellets in their "Klansman vs. Malcolm X" battle in Hollywood.

Charron has a history of pushing the limits in battles and having things get out of hand, pulling out a Grape Street Crip bandana against Arsonal and having it snatched away from him, and in one of his earliest battles, referencing a boy who had died at his opponent's high school, which quickly ended the battle and almost caused a fight.

K-Shine has already gotten physical in several battles in 2015. He pushed Chess when Chess got too close during their first 2-on-2 at URL's "Redemption" โ€” the resulting scuffle ended the battle early and led to a rematch at "Summer Madness 5." He also shoved Marv Won and Quest Mcody in a battle at DF Detroit, but the match-up was able to continue without things escalating.

Oh, and the cover photo of this article is clearly photoshopped. Despite what MediaTakeOut says.


Twitter is on fire with reaction now. Here are some select tweets:

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