Math Hoffa & Tony D Talk About Their BOTBUK Battle

Math also says on Twitter that the league didn't pay for his flight home from England.

Several times throughout Dec. 6's "Birth Of The Brave" event in London, host Tanika Tan told the crowd Tony D vs. Math Hoffa would be happening momentarily. It took several hours before the two emcees finally took the stage. The battle was originally scheduled for a full three rounds, but due to complications it was changed to a one rounder. Regardless, both emcees delivered at length, with Hoffa going for about 12 minutes. correspondent Impact caught up with Hoffa after his performance to get his thoughts on how the battle went. “I've gotten to the point where I don't think about winning, I'm just thinking about how much of myself I could give to the people. What I did tonight was not part of my round, that's really how I feel.” In his round, Hoffa laid bare several topics and talked about his issues with Dizaster, the URL and battle rap as a whole.

Math Hoffa went on to speak about the reason why his battle was cut down to just one round saying, “I think that this was their first event, they still have to work out some kinks but you have to ask them, I'm not going to put em out there like that.”

A few days later on Twitter, Math was more forthcoming with his issues with the league:

In a separate interview with NKE Media, published on Dec. 8, a lively Tony D spoke about the drama surrounding his battle.

“Basically, I came here with three, three-minute rounds like it said in the contract, ready to do the do. Math came, he had some problems, some issues ... it turned from three rounds to supposedly one six-minute round,” says Tony.

Tony D also spoke about the differences between a Don't Flop crowd and the crowd that assembled for BOTBUK. "The people in here today are not going to come to see Marlo rap, it's not about how good Marlo is, they not going to feel him. So like, in a venue like this today, this is full of a bunch of people that have gone through the same things I've gone through."

Tony also addressed some of the league's issues on Twitter:

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