Sara Kana Launches LGBT Battle League

Prism Battle League launches in New York on Jan. 9.

The world's first gay and lesbian battle league is coming to New York, Sara Kana announced in a blog published on her YouTube channel last month. “Jan. 9th it's going down — Prism Battle League — battle rap's first LGBT league, history in the making ladies and gentleman,” says the long-time battle rap promoter and Team Homi member.

Explaining how it all came together, Sara addresses some of the challenges she faced and some of the people who were involved in the talks, "I've been trying to do a gay battle league for years now, you can ask Lexx Banko, you can ask K-Prophet, ask C3. We were at one point talking about it and talking about it and my doors are still open to all three of you ladies of course.”

The league launches this Saturday (Jan. 9) with a scheduled one-off and will also have open tryouts for any aspiring battlers who wish to be on the platform. The league isn't strictly for LGBT battlers, but rather one that just hopes to showcase new talent from all walks of life. The event will feature a one-off between Montez Love and Cali M and will be hosted by Poison Pen and league co-organizer HollyOnDemand.

There is some precedent of the LGBT community in battle rap, with transgender emcee NoShame seeing coverage by bigger outlets like VICE and Queen Of The Ring having many openly lesbian battlers.

Speaking about the need for new and outside the box concepts in battle rap as a whole, Sara says, "Shout out to the leaders of our battle rap community and say hey, take somebody under the wing and start forming these new, freshly faces, these new talents. Let's do that, please.”

The event starts at 5:00 p.m. at East Coast Renaissance Studios in Bronx, N.Y. If you're interested in attending you can RSVP at [email protected] for more details or check the flyer below.

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