Kenny Smith Says He'd Bet $30K On Murda Mook To Beat Shotgun Suge

"I'd put the house on Mook," says Smith about a theoretical wager with Shaq about the match-up.

It's no secret that Shaq and Kenny Smith are battle rap fans, but in this interview from HipHopGamer, they playfully bet $30,000 on a theoretical match-up between Murda Mook and Shotgun Suge.

The interview's battle rap segment starts about 90 seconds in with NBA analyst Kenny "The Jet" Smith saying that he'd pick Murda Mook to win a battle over Charlie Clips. "Charlie Clips is my favorite that I've never met. I've tweeted to him, he's tweeted to me but I've never personally met him ... I have to go with Mook because I roll with Mook. I've broke bread with Mook, I've chilled with Mook. I can't diss Mook ... So I gotta go with Mook," he explains before showing a recent text conversation between the two.

Shaq then joins the conversation and brings Shotgun Suge's name into the mix, saying he'd put $25,000 on Suge (who hails from his hometown of Newark) to beat Mook. Kenny raises the stakes to $30,000, explaining that he'd "put the house on Mook."

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