Don't Flop Touching Down In Orlando

Jonny Storm comments on his Feb. 27 headline battle against Charlie Clips.

Don't Flop continues its American expansion, this time with an event in the Sunshine State. As has become the norm with the British league's U.S. cards, it features some big current names, some throwbacks from the Grind Time-era and some under-appreciated local talent.

The main event pits Florida veteran Jonny Storm against Wild 'N Out's newest cast member Charlie Clips. hit up Jonny Storm to get his thoughts on the match-up ahead of the event.

BR: How did the match-up come together?
JS: Initially it was me and Madness vs. DNA & K-Shine locked in, but when they got booked for the U Dubb event the following Sunday they decided to take that battle and not battle us. Thus Charlie Clips' name came up, and we locked that in. Funny thing is Charlie Clips and Bill Collector are both battling in the U Dubb event the next day and will both be battling in the Don't Flop FL event.

How do you feel about Clips as an opponent?
: I'm excited about Charlie Clips as an opponent because regardless of his recent slacking he's still a highly respected name with incredible talent. Also, he's had over a month to prepare for me and his next opponent, as have I, since I'll be battling the week after in the U.K. So there's no excuses about preparation from either side — we both have had over a month to prep. I expect him to do better against me than in his last few showings.

Check the flyer for the full card:


Day 1 goes down on Friday, Feb. 26 at 8:00 p.m. at The Caboose Bar, 1827 N. Orange Ave in Orlando.

Day 2 is on Saturday, Feb. 27 at 2:00 p.m. at Loud Gallery at 360 State Lane in Orlando.

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