Debo Returns To QOTR After Brief Departure Over Event Chaos

The QOTR pillar briefly left the league after the chaos at "Watch The Throne 2."

UPDATE: Debo has decided to stay with the league. Scroll to the bottom of this article for more details.

Following the drama that occurred this past weekend at QOTR's "Watch the Throne 2," co-owner and league rep Debo announced that he's done with the league.

The announcement came halfway through a phone interview on AngryFans Radio on Feb. 8, much to the dismay of Caps and QOTR fans everywhere.

The mood of the entire interview was somber as Debo opened by explaining that he didn't want to directly address all of the negativity surrounding the event. "There was a fight outside, I'ma be honest with you I don't want to go into detail and talk about all the fights and stuff like that because that just takes away from you know, the event and whatnot."

Debo instead speaks on a few of the positives that came from the weekend's event, saying Tay Roc's performance against C3 was "real dope — Tay Roc didn't come to play. I think that was one of his best battles so far, as far as the quality material he brought to the table." Debo also spoke about the clash between E Hart and 40 B.A.R.R.S. "It was a real dope battle, I would consider it a classic ... They both came to play, they both were professional."

Debo's announcement came after he was asked about restrictions that may or may not get placed on the battlers involved in the weekend's scuffles. "As far as restrictions, that's going to have to be up to Vague and Babs, I'm not a part of that situation no more ... I'm not doing Queen Of The Ring no more. It's no disrespect to nobody and shit, Vague and Babs are great partners ... At the end of the day, it's not conducive, it's not healthy to what I'm doing outside of battle rap."

He goes on to encourage listeners, saying "Queen Of The Ring is still going to be Queen Of The Ring. It's still going to be the Number 1 battle league for females ... So at the end of the day it is what it is." Debo adds, "I just hope motherfuckers appreciate what I gave to the game and my hard work."

Later in the show, several key figures in battle rap including Phara Funeral, Shooney and Beasley called into the show in an attempt to convince Debo to stay.

Here's some reaction from Twitter:

A few female battlers also launched a #FixTheBrand movement:


The morning after his interview (Feb. 9), Debo posted this in the QOTR Facebook group:


UPDATE: Debo posted on Feb. 10 that there would be a make-up card announced soon.


UPDATE: Debo addressed fans in a video posted in QOTR's Facebook group on Feb. 10. In it, he says he can't leave the fans behind.

"Who am I to just get up and just leave behind what I've built, and leave y'all behind. I'm seriously saying I feel like if I do leave, I'm leaving the fans and I'm not going out the way I should go out, which is on a good note. I really believe I did all I could and all I can, and I could just pass the torch down to someone who can do the job better. Right now I feel like nobody can do the job better than me. Shout out to my partners, obviously, we all do a good job collectively, but I'm saying as far as the shit that I do. Right now I can't put that on anybody else that can do that job. But things will be delegated so I won't have to do as much as I do now. With that said, right now I'm not going nowhere."

He also says rules will be implemented to fix some of the issues with the league and explains that a make-up card will take place on Feb. 20 with a few battles that will be free to attend for anyone with a ticket for WTT2, and streamed live so fans can watch online.

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