Smack On "Born Legacy 2" & Born's Legacy Too

Smack talks about his March events and his return to the small room.

After putting on some of the most classic big-stage events in battle rap history, Smack and the URL team switched things up with "Born Legacy 2" in Brooklyn on March 6, an event that by all accounts produced some footage worth fiending over.

At the end of the night, correspondent Smart Alix caught up with URL founder Smack White to recap the night and to discuss the league's upcoming events.

Given that this was a return to the small-room for URL, capacity was limited relative to the league's usual big stage battle events. Upon hearing there were 150-300 people who were unable to make it into the venue, Smack said, “it makes me feel sad, because I do this for the fans and I do this for the culture, and I want everybody to participate in my event.” On the move to the small room, Smack said he “wanted to bring back the intimate feel of battle rap, where it ain’t too much of a large crowd and you’re able to hear every bar.”

In two pieces of news about what's next for URL, Smack addressed questions about Cortez and Born. When asked about Cortez and Uno Lavoz’ battle from last December's "A Perfect Day To Die" event, Smack said, “It’s going to drop, it’s definitely going to drop.”

When asked if there is a place on the URL for Born, Smack responded: “I just had a conversation with Nuborn, and we’re supposed to be getting on the phone tomorrow, and we’re going to discuss possible opportunities and hopefully we can come to some type of mutual understanding.”

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