B Dot Talks His Past, Present & Future In Battle Rap

IN DEPTH: We sit down for a comprehensive conversation with the impressive up-and-comer.

One of the most interesting and thought provoking battle rappers in the game, B Dot takes an approach that is different from the norm. Only a few battles into his career, the Los Angeles rapper has made a huge splash in the culture, netting accolades from fans and media, as well as blowback from critics who find his style to be too derivative of Loaded Lux's.

B Dot came by the BattleRap.com offices to talk to site editor Chris Mitchell about what makes his style different, if he's still considering retirement, and his interest in several specific match-ups.

B Dot addressed the criticism that some have aimed at him about essentially being a Loaded Lux clone. B Dot said that Lux was an influence, but there are areas where they differ. One major point of divergence: “I’m not sure if he would like to go as deep as I go … I think Lux still wants to be Lux in terms of showing everybody he has the greatest pen, I want to be B Dot and show everybody that I can take this to a real, real deep level — as far as intellectually or my personal perspective on life.”

Despite being one of the hottest names in battle rap, B Dot has also been contemplating retirement. He explained this by saying that by retirement he didn’t mean being sure he’ll never battle again, but rather that he said what he meant by retirement was “just falling back unless a battle makes sense.”

B Dot also gave his opinion on several match-ups that have been out there as being potential battles for him, including Cortez, Emerson Kennedy, Th3 Saga and Gjonaj.

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