Hitman Holla & Conceited Rematch Going Down

The two Wild 'N Out cast members face off for a third time, during the BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles.

At URL's NOME 3, in one of the most anticipated battles of the event, Hitman Holla faced off with Conceited. Despite starting off strong, in the eyes of many fans, the clash between the two ultra-popular stars didn't live up to expectations, but now the two will have a chance to rectify that. The two will be going at it at the same event that includes Nick Cannon facing a mystery opponent in a $100,000 charity battle.

The battle was announced on Hitman Holla's Instagram with a video saying that the two would be facing off as part of the BET Awards weekend festivities on June 25 in Los Angeles, California.


As mentioned, this isn't the first time Hitman has battled Con — in addition to the URL battle, they had a 90-second clash on Wild 'N Out, the improv/comedy/battling show on which they're both cast members. Both match-ups generated considerable interest, with the Wild 'N Out one getting more than five million views on YouTube, and the URL one roughly three million.

Be sure to check out their original battle on URL:

As well as the short back-and-forth the two did for the show:


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