DNA Becomes Highest Viewed English Speaking Battler

DNA surpassed Arsonal for the #1 spot.

People have been speculating that this day would come soon and today it has, Arsonal Da Rebel is no longer the leading view getter in English speaking battle rap. Queens rapper DNA has moved into the number 1 spot with approximately 48.3 million views to Arsonal's approximately 47.9 million.

Via VerseTracker's leaderboard:

dna passes ars

The debate often rages about if it is better to have quality over quantity, or vice versa, but DNA found a formula to have the best of both worlds. At 91 released battles (as of August 5), he has been one of the most active battlers in the scene. On the other end, battles with Dizaster, Ill Will and his recent 2-on-2 run with K-Shine shows that he also is capable of dealing out top-level quality. With Arsonal having announced his retirement from battle rap, it seems very likely that DNA will hold this spot for a long time, and with how active he is, he might be coming for the Filipinos too.

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