Get To Know Day 2 Of The "Born Legacy 3" Lineup

Part 2 of our guide to URL's August 28 event.

Here's Part 2 of our guide to URL's "Born Legacy 3," which goes down in NYC on August 27-28. Day 2 features some compelling match-ups from a roster of rappers who will all be competing for the standout performance, as well as the highly anticipated league debut of Daylyt, who is taking on Mike P.

Check out Part 1 here. All art by The War Report's brilliant Samuel Sellers. Check his IG for more.

Tech 9

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
BL3 Opponent: Jerry Wess
Previous opponents: Shotgun Suge, Head I.C.E, Arsonal
Appeared on: URL, Lionz Den, Don't Flop
Total Battles: 21

Jerry Wess

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
BL3 Opponent: Tech 9
Previous opponents: Bangz, Emerson Kennedy, Gwitty
Appeared on: URL, WeGoHard, iBattle
Total Battles: 6


Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
BL3 Opponent: Mike P
Previous opponents: Charlie Clips, Ooops, Iron Solomon
Appeared on: KOTD, Grindtime, Total Slaughter
Total Battles: 65

Mike P

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.
BL3 Opponent: Daylyt
Previous opponents: Ave, Tink Tha Demon, Tapedeck
Appeared on: URL, iBattle, ENJ Battle Groundz
Total Battles: 12


Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
BL3 Opponent: Lotta Zay
Previous opponents: John John Da Don, Dot,
Appeared on: URL, Pit Fights, WeGoHard
Total Battles: 13

Lotta Zay

Hometown: Long Beach, N.J.
BL3 Opponent: Prep
Previous opponents: Hollow Da Don, Rum Nitty, Danja Zone
Appeared on: URL, Grindtime, BET Freestyle Friday
Total Battles: 54

Saint Mic

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.
BL3 Opponent: Tone Montana
Previous opponents: A Ward, Anubis
Appeared on: URL, AHAT, The Connects
Total Battles: 12

Tone Montana

Hometown: Beloit, Wis.
BL3 Opponent: Saint Mic
Previous opponents: Uno Lavoz, Dre Dennis, Tre Poundz
Appeared on: URL, Go-Rilla Warfare, Black Ice Cartel
Total Battles: 19

Dre Dennis

Hometown: Lawnside, N.J.
BL3 Opponent: Jai 400 Block
Previous opponents:Scotty, Ah Di Boom, Hazey Williams
Appeared on: 34

Jai 400 Block

Hometown: Newark, N.J.
BL3 Opponent: Dre Dennis
Previous opponents: Showoff, Bill Collector, Rosenberg Raw
Appeared on: URL, RBE, U Dubb
Total Battles:


Hometown: Austin, Texas
BL3 Opponent: Reepah Rell
Previous opponents: Gjonaj, Hemi
Appeared on: URL, Texas Battle League, New Orleans Battle League
Total Battles: 17

Reepah Rell

Hometown: Hempstead, N.Y.
BL3 Opponent: Gutta
Previous opponents: Shotgun Suge, Bangz, Dutch Montega
Appeared on: URL, Tha Traphouse Battle League, WeGoHard
Total Battles: 18

Mo Mula

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y
BL3 Opponent: Young X
Previous opponents: Bonus, Blackbeard
Appeared on: URL, WeGoHard, Colosseum Battle League
Total Battles: 14

Young X

Hometown: Portsmouth, Va.
BL3 Opponent: Mo Mula
Previous opponents: Uno Lavoz, Dot, Squeako
Appeared on: URL, 7 City Sharks, Street Status
Total Battles: 11

Nu Jurzy Twork

Hometown: Trenton, N.J.
BL3 Opponent: Dougy
Previous opponents: Redd Handed, Ripp
Appeared on: Showtime Battle Arena
Total Battles: 11


Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
BL3 Opponent: Nu Jurzy Twork
Previous opponents: Chess, Gwitty
Appeared on: WeGoHard, iBattle
Total Battles: 10