West Coast vs. Queen Of The Ring Event Announced

Check out the full lineup for male vs. female card featuring a Dizaster vs. O'fficial main event.

Last August we did an interview with Dizaster where he discussed several battlers he wanted to face in the future. It now looks like he'll be getting his wish with one of them, as today the new league World Freestyle Federation has announced a "QOTR vs. West Coast" event with Dizaster headlining against O'fficial. In addition to the main event, several other top tier West Coast male battlers are facing off with some of the best from Queen Of The Ring.

The full lineup is:

  • Dizaster vs. O'fficial
  • Couture vs. Daylyt
  • 40 B.A.R.R.S vs. Pass
  • E Hart vs. B Dot
  • Bonnie Godiva vs. Caustic

Hosting the event will be Lush One, Malithion and QOTR's Babs and Vague. At the moment, specifics on both the event and league are sparse, but stay tuned for more details as they become available.

The full flier is below:

official vs. diz event

The event is going down on October 16 in Hollywood, Calif. If you're interested in attending live, you can buy tickets here.