No Coast & KOTR Teaming Up For "Snow Coast 2"

Full lineup for what event organizers are calling the "World Cup Of Battle Rap."

Most smaller battle rap leagues concentrate on booking hometown talent against other hometown talent — sometimes once they've built a little reputation they may bring in a few out-of-towners. Generally speaking, they don't team up with two other leagues to throw a 13-battle event with emcees from seven countries. But that's exactly what No Coast is doing along with King Of The Ronalds and CM Battles for the "Snow Coast 2" event.

We spoke to event organizer Breakneck about the even. "'Snow Coast 2' will feature emcees from seven countries and various regions of the U.S., and looks to provide a platform for people with less 'cache' to showcase their skills," he said.

No Coast is aware that when doing something like this, comparisons with King Of The Dot’s "World Domination" series will inevitably come, but in our conversation with Breakneck, he said it was never the intention to have it be that way.

“When we announced this event people immediately started comparing it to KOTD's 'World Domination,' but that was never the goal. It came about naturally as Micky Worthless and myself started planning a league vs. league event, and it just kind of blossomed into this,” he said.

The card features a few emcees who are building their name, along with a few established veterans. The main event of the weekend pits two perpetually underrated battlers facing off, with Real Deal going head-to-head with Reverse Live.

The full card is:

November 4th -- Club Underground -- Minneapolis , MN

Hosted by Breakneck, Micky Worthless, and Lush One.

  • Reverse Live (USA) vs Real Deal (USA)
  • The Vesh (USA) vs Micky Worthless (England)
  • Breakneck (USA) vs Bowski (England)
  • Jay Walker (USA) vs Mackenzie (Scotland)
  • Ryan Nixon (USA) vs Romes (USA)
  • Boneman (USA) vs Zain Azrai (Malaysia)
  • Trim Forte (USA) vs Doot N Doo (Norway)
  • Chin Chilla (USA) vs Bill Blaze (USA)

November 5th -- secret location -- Minneapolis,MN

  • Billy Shakes (Canada) vs Kinell (Wales/UK)
  • OKnice (USA) vs Shake (USA)
  • Malevolent Smith (USA) vs Portal (USA)
  • Wyzdumb (USA) vs RO (USA)
  • AC Vader (USA) vs Wojeck (USA)

The flyer is below:

snow coast 2
If you can't be there in person, the battles from this event will also be broadcast with one day delay via on-demand video at
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