What To Expect From KOTD's December "Battles At The Bunker"

KOTD look to end the year off strong with this six-battle card.

After another successful year, KOTD is looking to end things off strong with the December 10 "Battles At The Bunker" featuring two legends clashing as Aye Verb battles The Saurus, Cortez welcoming rising star B Dot to the league for his debut, and several other relatively unknown West Coast newcomers getting their first shot in the L.A. venue.

Trailer and full lineup are below:

  • The Saurus vs. Aye Verb
  • Cortez vs. B Dot
  • Madflex vs. Ness Lee
  • Megadef vs. Dre Vishiss
  • Geechi Gotti vs. Saynt
  • Yak Da Rippa vs. Ron Compton

In the main event, two undeniable battle rap legends face off as The Saurus takes on Aye Verb. Both guys have reached a level in the battle scene where their resumes speak for themselves, and both are among the most influential in their respective scenes. While they do have those similarities, there are very real differences between the two, key amongst them would be their differences in consistency.


Those who call The Saurus the Greatest Of All Time usually do so on the basis of his consistency. This makes sense — the guy simply doesn't have bad performances. Battles this year with QP, Daylyt and Chilla Jones were all very strong back and forth clashes, and his performance against Tumi earned him our Bodybag of the Night at "World Domination 6."

Aye Verb, on the other hand, is perhaps the most high variance battler of all time. Some newer fans see him as a guy who doesn't try, phones it in, and is perhaps past his prime. On the other hand, Verb's best showings are some of the best in battle rap history. Verb at his best is almost untouchable, with some of the best rounds and moments of all time. Verb's highs are probably higher than Saurus', but his lows are undoubtedly lower.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this card is that it will mark B Dot's long-awaited KOTD debut. B Dot is a unique emcee because he has built an incredible buzz for himself, and has done so without having made any major league appearances. His home league of LA Battlegroundz has provided him with some big opponents in Daylyt and Danny Myers, and his breakout battle against Stricc made our list of the year's best battles.

His opponent on Saturday will be Cortez. Tez has been on fire this year, and his last battle at The Bunker was one of his stronger outings of 2016, against league favorite Bigg K. B Dot is most known for finding an angle of attack against his opponent and masterfully executing it. Against Cortez, there is no obvious angle, so this could mean we get a different side of B Dot.


Ness Lee is seen by many as one of the most underrated in the battle rap scene. The Atlanta emcee has been a fixture of the battle rap community for years, and while is seen to be universally respected, hasn't quite managed to propel his name to the top of the battle culture. Madflex has made a lot of noise over the past year+ as he transitioned from GZ to KOTD and is also seen to be someone underrated by battle fans at large. Hardcore KOTD fans seem to feel this has the potential to be a sleeper Battle of the Night pick, and if both guys fulfill their potential, either or both are capable of further cementing themselves at the top of cards.

Rounding out the card we have several battles with a lot of potential to create new stars on the KOTD platform. Megadef will look to continue his ascension taking on Dre Vishiss, in Vishiss' first main page battle. Geechi Gotti vs. Saynt will pit two KOTD newcomers against each other, with both looking to establish themselves on the KOTD platform. Yak Da Rippa vs. Ron Compton is a battle much in the same mold, but with Yak having previous experience in The Bunker. After having a well-received performance against Da Kid Clutch another strong showing could earn Yak some bigger looks in the future.

Avocado and Illmaculate ran down their predictions for the entire card. You can watch that below:

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