KOTD's "Blackout 7" Announcements

Stay up to date with all the announcements from KOTD's Blackout 7.

With it's next big event, Blackout just around the corner, KOTD has started making announcements for the 2 day event going down April 14 & 15 in Toronto. As has become tradition for the Blackout series, the league will announce the individual emcees who are participating at the event, but not their opponents. Rather than making many different articles for every announcement, all of them will be posted here, so you can easily keep up to date with who is announced, as KOTD announces it.

1: Title Match: Rone vs. Head I.C.E

2. Gjonaj

3. A. Ward

4. Swave Sevah

5. Pass

6. Yung Ill

7. Krome

8. Cortez

9. Loso

10.Aye Verb

11. Shotti P

12. Carter Deems

13. Marv Won

14. Jimz

15. Ness Lee

16. Chilla Jones

17. Chedda Cheese

18. Charron

19. Esem

20. Bonnie Godiva

21. P Nut

22. Aftershock

23. DNA

24. Quest Mcody

25. Caustic

26. Jeffrey

27. Daylyt

That's it for battler announcements, KOTD will be announcing the second main event probably tomorrow.

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