Don't Flop's North vs. South III Going Down March 19

The event pits rappers from the North of England vs. rappers from the South.

On March 19 Don't Flop is putting on its third North vs. South event, with a lineup that has much of their core audience incredibly excited. The card features a doubles title match, a rematch of a critically acclaimed battle, and a big DF return. Events like this are also always interesting because not only are the battlers representing themselves, but they're also looking to represent for their respective regions. This adds a different dynamic and ups the stakes more than usual.

The trailer and flyer with full lineup is below:

north vs south flyer
The main event features the Don't Flop 2-on-2 champions and perhaps the best team in the world, Marlo and Shuffle-T defending their titles against challengers P Solja and Matter. The champs should do what they do here — they're insanely witty, always approach battles with effective angles and their chemistry is as good as any team in battle rap.

P Solja & Matter have had two previous battles together, the most recent of which, against Pedro & The Calcium Kid, was unfortunately plagued by audio and video issues. In their battles though they've shown that they as well can be funny, and are worthy contenders.

Raptor vs. Gemin1 is a rematch of their well-regarded 2014 clash. Since that time, Raptor has become one of the top stars of Don’t Flop, rising the ranks, and bolstering his position, culminating with an unsuccessful title shot against champion Soul. A win here will help him recoup some of that buzz that he had prior to the title shot.

Gemin1 is one of the most exciting names in Don't Flop in terms of potential. Despite delivering several strong performances, it always seemed that Gem's buzz never really matched his talent. A clear win against Raptor could have people talking about him as one of DF's stars, and could put him in line for a potential title match, should he be interested.

[UPDATE: Eurgh wrote that Gemin1 vs. Raptor was canceled at "the lastest of last last minutes."]

Unan has had some issues in the past with the league that resulted in his not appearing for Don’t Flop, so it’s good to see that those have hopefully been put behind him, and he will re-establish himself as one of the names to look out for in the league.

While there is some intrigue to see how Unanymous does when he performs, there is absolutely no reason to wonder about his opponent. Oshea is always Oshea. He’s one of the guys few guys in battle rap who has his own style and executes it to perfection. As battle rap moved to a more “bar-heavy” style, he was to some extent pushed aside, but now with the game inundated with clones, a guy who stands out and does his own thing is invaluable.

[UPDATE: Unanymous vs. Oshea has been postponed.]

Elsewhere on the card, Dialect takes on Ogmios in a style clash to end all style clashes, two staff members clash as Briggzy battles Danny Jaqq and several other intriguing match-ups. The event goes down March 19 in Birmingham and you can get tickets at

[UPDATE: Briggzy is ill and had to nix his battle.]

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