URL Night Of Main Events 7 Going Down April 8

Event will be emanating from the sold-out Irving Plaza.

Over the past 7 years, URL's Night of Main Events, or NOME has produced some of the standout moments, and battles in the culture's history. On April 8, we could see that list of great moments grow even larger, as URL has an absolutely loaded lineup for NOME 7. The 5 battle event includes a grudge match that at one time we never thought we'd see happen, several of the hungriest young battlers looking to further entrench themselves at the top of the battle world, and every battle having the potential to be a classic.

Full flyer with all the battles is below:

nome 7 flyer
If someone told you 2 years ago that T-Rex and K-Shine would be headlining a Night of Main Events card, you probably would have asked what team they’re battling. What a difference a couple years make. Back then, these two former Dot Mob battlers facing off would have seemed inconceivable. Since that point, tensions have risen on both sides, and this has become a bona fide grudge match.

Battles between people who were as close as Rex and Shine are have a long history of producing classics. Hitman Holla vs. Aye Verb, Pat Stay vs. Hollohan and The Saurus vs. Illmaculate are some of the most highly regarded from their respective scenes.

In an era where many fans feel that top tier battlers are maintaining their position not by putting on a string of great showings, but rather by ducking hungry up-and-comers, Tay Roc seems to stand out as someone that you absolutely cannot say this about. When Rum Nitty began to establish a buzz on the URL stage as the next Gun Bar King, Roc battled him to try to prove his place on the pecking order. At NOME 7, he'll be taking on another hungry up-and-comer as he goes head-to-head with Chess.

Chess has been a guy that people have been excited about for a while now, and seems to improve with every battle that he takes. Tay Roc will undeniably be a step up though, in terms of stature. If Chess can perform to his full abilities here, he may cement himself as one of the top names in the culture.

T-Top and Goodz is a matchup of an emcee from an older generation, who is a pioneer is this format of battle rap, facing off with a hungry emcee who has already established himself near the top of the game, and is looking to add another legend to his resume.

As we covered before, T-Top is going into this battle somewhat behind the 8 ball, after a very shaky performance on Funkmaster Flex’s show, where he choked several times while spitting over a beat. If anybody has the ability to pull himself out of that hole, it may be T-Top, who has had several incredible performances on the URL stage.

The final two battles on the night both have a ton of potential to be really dope as well. Ave is one of the most exciting names in the culture and never seems to have a bad performance. For Suge, when motivated he can be absolutely overpowering. Given the importance of NOME, one should be expecting a really strong Suge showing, and this should be the most aggressive battle that Ave has been involved in on the URL stage. If he's able to fight through that overpowering demeanor and take the W, that will speak very well for his future.

Ill Will is looking to continue his momentum in his URL return, after having a good showing against Rum Nitty and picking up what most saw as a win against Harlem's Charlie Clips at NOME 6.

The event is absolutely sold out, but there will still be a live pay-per-view for $35. You can pick it up at www.watchbattleslive.com. PPV's are limited, so the quicker you act the more likely it is that you'll be able to get it.