Megadef vs. Madflex: What To Expect

Stu ‘Pigsty’ Mitchell breaks down the match-up between two GZ heavyweights.

Though KOTD's Ground Zero league is sometimes overlooked by fans and seen as a step down by some battlers, the channel has been grooming some serious lesser-known talent who are now getting a chance to shine on the bigger platform with "Back To Basics." None are more prepared than Megadef (North Hollywood, Calif.) and Madflex (Richmond, Calif.), two faces of the Fresh Coast who are facing off at the event on April 18 in Los Angeles.

Megadef has been tearing through GZ battles at a furious pace (for an example, watch him against A-Class) and has succeeded on the KOTD main stage as well versus Lexx Luthor. He consistently overpowers his opponents with a top tier delivery that moves between a conversational tone and a full-blown, raspy bellow. That ability to change volumes helps him set the pace of the battle and his intensity makes his performances something to look forward to.

Megadef battling A-Class. Photo via KOTD.

His equally wild written material complements his delivery well. He relies heavily on violent imagery and obscure references while peppering in huge, unexpected haymakers that often whip the crowd into a frenzy. The sporadic nature in which he arranges his material is unique and his big punchlines land almost by surprise. Megadef's style: unhinged chaos. Nothing is telegraphed or predictable, which is what makes him such an exciting performer to watch.

But facing an opponent like Madflex is no simple undertaking. He has spent the past two years cementing his spot as one of the Fresh Coast’s most impressive but slept-on prospects, taking on high level competition like Pyscoses and Reverse Live. Madflex’s style is instantly recognizable by its proclivity for sharp wit and observational humor.

Photo by Bailward Photography.
Madflex against Stevie P. Photo by Bailward Photography.

Madflex is a character assassin in the truest sense, approaching every battle with the intent to roast his challengers. He'll relentlessly clown opponents for their recognizable traits, creating a perception of his opponent that the audience instantly relates to and laughs at. He has most likely made many of his opponents consider a gym membership or a new haircut. His comedic timing is outstanding too. He often pauses briefly before delivering his punchline, dramatically increasing the effect.

The combination of small room and big platform presents an opportunity for these two emerging talents to excel. On a larger scale, it offers a look into KOTD’s next generation of competitors and exposes them to a fan base that may not know who they are yet.

Battles like this are important for the future and sustainability of not only KOTD, but battle rap as a whole. Both Megadef and Madflex have been providing quality performances in Ground Zero and other leagues for years, but this is their opportunity to showcase themselves for their biggest audience yet.

The stage is set, now it's up to the emcees to come through.

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