Everything You Missed At BullPen Battle League's "Genisys"

A recap of John John's league's inaugural event, with a headliner between him and Charlie Clips.

So John John Da Don has a league now.

BullPen Battle League came out swinging in Atlanta on Oct. 18, with a card whose potential was as great as the main event for it. And that's saying something yo.

I was already aware of the soon-to-be dominant region known as North Carolina's battle scene, but their presence was felt on this card heavily.

Oh and side note. The stage lit up. Nah. Literally. The. Stage. Lit. Up. I almost took bets on who would spit the first Billie Jean bar.

First up was Brixx Belvedere vs. Fonzie.


Now Brixx was fresh off of a battle against Cortez a week ago so I had slight doubts as to whether or not he would have fresh material. Boy was I proven the entire fuck wrong. Brixx came with his trademark wit, wordplay and arrogance as only he could. But Fonzie wasn't there for decoration as he came at Brixx with haymaker after haymaker. I gave it to Brixx 2-1 but we'll be seeing more of that kid in the future.

Next up was Riggz vs. Street Hymns.


This match was interesting in that Street Hymns is a Christian battler and Riggz ... was the complete opposite of that. The first two rounds were clear as Riggz was relentless and rapid fire with every line, whereas Street Hymns was hit or miss ... until the third. That third happened and it was like Jesus was Street Hymns' hypeman b. Had he been like this in the second this outcome would be different.

Next was Zig Zag vs. D Flamez.


The back and forth between these two was incredibly interesting. Funny moments all around. D Flamez intensity and vocal projection are top notch and Zig Zag's aggression topped with hyperbole was impressive. I gave this to Zig Zag 2-1.

Next up was DNA vs. Syahboy.


Remember that whole "the stage lit up" shit I mentioned earlier? Well the lights went on and not one round in I heard a Billie Jean bar and would've made 20 bucks.

This was ugly. DNA was NOT fucking around this battle. This nigga was all over the place attacking Syahboy from all angles like he did a shadow clone jutsu technique yo.

Syahboy was pretty live in the first, decent in the second and then stumbled and looked at his phone like a guy whose side was threatening to upload an Instagram pic of him sleeping in the third.

Crowd didn't like that shit. No sir. 3-0 DNA.

On to Charlie Clips vs. John John Da Don.


Clips starts out with a line about JJDD's mother (who was in the crowd) and the crowd bugged. Then Clips kept the momentum going with a mix of freestyles and written angles that are expected of him and hit hard.

JJDD's round was filled with a few personals, and he brought up the "your pops was a snitch too!" line Clips said against Loaded Lux and the crowd reacted wildly. Now sure John John had home-court advantage, but there was no crowd bias in this battle whatsoever. I'd tell you about Rounds 2 and 3 but that shit didn't happen. This was a one rounder, and I would've liked to see two more rounds but so it goes.

I see this league doing great things in the future. John John has a pretty good concept of what the fans want and this event was a glimpse into what he has in store for us.

I'm Maj and I'm out. Peace.