K-Shine & DNA vs. Tsu Surf & Tay Roc: What To Expect

We preview NWX vs. Gun Titles ahead of their main event at URL's "Double Impact" on March 26.

With URL’s "Double Impact" event around the corner, we take a look into the highly anticipated debut of Tay Roc & Tsu Surf (as Gun Titles) up against the self-proclaimed revivalists of 2-on-2 battling, DNA & K-Shine.

Since last year, the NWX duo has been touring the nation taking on any and every tag team match-up put in front of them. The experience they’ve gained, along with a boost from DNA’s always-on-time freestyle ability, will more than likely give them a comfortable advantage over the brand new Gun Titles team.

At this point the chemistry between DNA and Shine doesn't need to be questioned — they are sure to have some of, if not the best, teamwork of the night (Marv/Quest, Chess/Steams and Math/Cortez being the only other teams on the card with previous 2-on-2 experience, and likely the biggest competition to their chemistry).

With Shine becoming famous for his short fuse lately, combined with the tension between NWX and Dot Mob, eyes may end up focusing on a Shine vs. Roc Part 2 grudge match somewhere within this 2-on-2 battle. He even managed to throw a few jabs in his less-than-stellar performance against Qleen Paper at Black Ice Cartel’s “The Format 2” as return fire to Roc’s shots at him against John John Da Don.

Coming off a bad showing, combined with the Dot Mob/NWX feud, might just be the fuel he needs to come for blood this time out. Strong words have been thrown from both Shine and Tay Roc so high hopes that Smack has enough food on hand to keep the peace, word to Math Hoffa.

DNA & K-Shine. Photo via Don't Flop.
DNA & K-Shine. Photo via Don't Flop.

Of course them being very successful up to this point as a team doesn’t mean they haven’t had a few hiccups. They’ve dealt with a prop malfunction against Holla/Verb, a sort of shoving match with Marv/Quest, a food fight in their first go-around against Chess/Steams and a wardrobe malfunction against Charron/100 Bulletz, but hats off to their hard work.

Another concern is that DNA seems to be taking a page out of JJDD’s book by double booking on the same day, with a battle later that night against Ty Law at SupaNova’s “Game Changer 4.” Luckily, NYC to the DMV is a lot closer than NYC to California, plus DNA has proven he can freestyle his way out of logic itself, so he’ll more than likely be fine.

Tsu Surf vs. Tay Roc at NOME5.

For many fans, a definite highlight of this match will be seeing Tay Roc and Tsu Surf team up for the first time. Just last year the world witnessed these two at odds on URL’s NOME5, so it may be a bit unusual seeing them team up so soon after. Both are coming off what many see as underwhelming performances (with an exclamation mark in Surf’s case) so this may give the duo more incentive to leave it all on the stage this time. It's fairly easy to assume Surf will be in better form than he was against Aye Verb at GO-Rilla Warfare’s “Crown 2” since he's making his return to the URL stage. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is how well the two will work together.

Roc's back-to-back gun bar style and engaging cadence meets Surf’s sporadic haymakers and strong conviction, but what will it create when they fuse? Will it be enough to handle the more experienced, battle-tested NWX duo? Can DNA bring back a W on two stages in one night? We'll find out this weekend at "Double Impact."

"Double Impact" goes down March 26 at Irving Plaza in New York City. Get your tickets here.

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