5 Standouts From URL’s “Feed The Hunger” PGs

The most promising newcomers from the May 22 event in Brooklyn.

URL continued its run on 2016 events with a stand-alone PG showcase on May 22. It all went down at Black Bear in Brooklyn, the location where the Born Legacy series has been revitalized recently. Check out our preview here.

Unfortunately due to last minute backouts, Fendi vs. Uneek Fatal, Haze Tha Gift vs. A Class, and Rolla vs. G Mayn Frost didn't go down.

A battle between Billy Boondocks and J Money was added to the line-up last-minute.

Even with a shortened card, the hunger was there and the night was still one to remember.

BattleRap.com was live with updates for each battle but here's a recap of the standout performances. Shout out to HipHopIsReal for doing interviews at the event. We've included some of them below.

5. AP

First and foremost, many battlers could have this spot. From Drugz, to Fettuccine20, to Billy Boondocks, to Ish Mulah, there were great rounds and performances, but the honor goes to Maryland emcee AP, who had the clearest win of the night.

His wordplay-riddled rounds, matched with a high-energy delivery brought plenty of entertainment live as well as lots to catch on cam. AP came with back-to-back lines and displayed other talents like an “almost-too-good-to-be-off-the-top” freestyle mid-round that shook the building.

Unfortunately, his opponent didn’t match up well and threw in the towel at the top of the third round. Hopefully this won’t affect the footage dropping.

4. Joe

Before the battle began, many knew nothing of South Carolina emcee Joe, so the immediate shock that followed after he started his opening round was easily expected. Joe wasted no time flying into his intricate haymakers that made the room erupt over and over. He proved to have the deadliest writing skill on the card and landed a handful of lines that each could effortlessly be chosen as bar of the night. Punches connected with the crowd from start to finish and even Jaz caught a hit of her own.

The only thing that kept him from ranking higher on this list was a short second round. He still managed a clear 2-1 and by the end of his battle the fans were already requesting Joe vs. Mike P. (In time guys, in time...)

3. Snakeyez

It was clear from the opening round that Snakeyez came to prove a point in his second URL showing. From his debut he let it be known that he planned to bring the street feel back to URL and with this performance he definitely brought that energy with him. Snake delivered punches that were well-placed, gritty and simple while very effective. The authenticity in his voice as he barked on Big Hann captivated the room and his third-round angle on how battle rap is “getting soft” may be the precursor for his career as the new URL bully.

2. Jakkboy Maine

Photo: Karl Davenport

Virginia emcee Jakkboy Maine had an extraordinary showing to open up this PG event. Coming out swinging in one of the best first rounds from any PG participant in recent memory, he was able to make a huge first impression on the URL platform. His animated style of performance mixed with unorthodox punches made him immediately stand out from the rest of the class while also rocking the crowd in front of him.

Jakkboy truly showed star quality and his style gives him a wide range of possible match-ups in the future. His opponent Drugz put up a great fight too, making this a contender for battle of the night if not the clear choice for it.

1. Ryda


Ryda ended the night off with a performance to remember. He commanded the attention of the crowd within eight bars with an ear-grabbing delivery and held that momentum the entire battle. The clear comfort he possessed on stage made many forget he was the out-of-towner and his opponent Fettuccine20 was at home. Landing room rocker after room rocker, the building was completely lit up throughout his rounds with everything from gasps and screams to laughs and tears (of laughter).

One of the unexpectedly hard-hitting bars of the night was the shot Ryda took at The Trap NY league, saying “…they used to be buzzin’/ now it’s a bunch of no shows and some free clique Vodka, ain’t that somethin’?” which caused him to have to stop for crowd reaction four different times when he brought it back.

After a great showing vs. Snakeyez in his first PG, there were high expectations for his follow-up. It is safe to say those expectations were more than exceeded here. With a second flawless performance in the books, Ryda seems here to stay on URL.

Were you there? Let us know your picks for the best of the night in the comments below.