Daylyt vs. Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz surpassed all expectations in this, his KOTD debut, and first battle in almost 4 years.

DNA vs. Jimz

Two Queens emcees clash in Massachusetts for KOTD's "Massacre 3."

Real Deal vs. Illipsis

Illipsis faces off against his biggest opponent to date in Real Deal's debut in Vancouver.

The Top 10 Rap Battles From August

Our picks for the 10 best battles of August, featuring battles from URL, U Dubb KOTD, Counter Productive, No Coast & Do or Die.

Aye Verb vs. Charron

Two of the best ever from their respective countries clash at "Massacre 3."

Pat Stay vs. Bigg K

Bigg K and Pat Stay clash in this highly anticipated main event from KOTD's "Massacre 3."

Dizaster vs. Hollow Da Don

Two of the biggest names in battle history face off in a surprise one-rounder from "Massacre 3."