Carter Deems vs. Joe Cutter

Looking for something different? This is the battle for you.

Who: Carter Deems (Fresno, CA) vs. Joe Cutter (San Jose, CA)

Where: GZ Battles’ Day 1 event at King of the Dot’s Battle of Los Angeles 5

When: June 27, 2014

Why you should watch it: Truly one of the strangest battles in recent history.

In our recap interview with KOTD host Aspect One, he described it like this:

"Joe Cutter always does his thing. The shock value level was really high. He was trying to cook and really embarrass Carter. And then Carter Deems came with his approach that is hilarious. He’s a jokester. He’s really weird but I would say it’s a battle that a lot of people were entertained by although they were tripping out that kisses and piggy back rides were happening."

Who got it? What do you think about Carter Deems' approach to battling?