Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan vs. Carter Deems & ATM

THROWBACK CLASSIC: The 2010 Grind Time battle that gave the world an early glimpse of fan favorite Carter Deems.

One of the fastest rising stars in battle rap, Carter Deems has had a pretty incredible 12 months. Producing some of the year’s most quotable lines through battles with Illmaculate, Isaac Knox, Joe Cutter and more, Deems is the latest shining example that — since the dawn of battling — the best way to make your bars stand out is by creating your own brand new style and taking on as many other styles as you can.

But while Carter’s combination of compliments and cats has kept him constantly popping up on more and more radars this year, including becoming T-Pain’s favorite battle rapper, longtime fans may recall Deems’ earlier stint five years ago. While his humor wasn’t quite as focused on making friends, Deems and partner ATM picked up a decisive victory over the team of first ballot battle rap hall-of-famers Soul Khan and Dirtbag Dan.

Carter was recently hit with some medical issues that sidelined him just as his momentum was reaching full force, so here's hoping he makes a speedy recovery and can get back in the ring someday for the genre-bending match-up with Head I.C.E.


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