Qleen Paper vs. B Magic

THROWBACK CLASSIC! The 2011 URL Proving Grounds battle that launched two new stars.

The first major event of 2016 is Black Ice Cartel’s “The Format 2,” which is taking place in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Jan. 10. The event marks Qleen Paper’s long-anticipated return to a big stage, which was delayed from last October when Aye Verb no-showed on him at Black Ice’s first “The Format” event.

So for this week's Throwback Classic, we're looking at one of the most iconic battles to come out of URL's Proving Grounds: Qleen Paper vs. B-Magic.

A focused Qleen Paper is extremely dangerous, and looking back on his star-making performance here, it's apparent why he immediately became a fan favorite. Don't get it twisted though, because Magic was no slouch either and also launched his career in this URL debut.

Qleen Paper’s style is not necessarily about just his bars — it's about his presence and performance — but that's not to say that he can't get into his punchline bag when he needs to. As he put it in his second round, “You still spittin’ all them punchlines nigga? I ain’t trying to out-punchline you cause I ain’t a punchline nigga.”

Controlling the room with ease, Qleen delivers braggadocious bars that are equal parts threatening and hilarious. B Magic is in classic form too, with punchlines that hit back-to-back delivered at the high level of lyricism for which he's known.

With the “Format 2” coming up this Sunday (Jan. 10), hopefully we see Qleen Paper at his best so he can build some momentum in 2016.

Get your tickets for the event here.

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