Conceited vs. Dumbfoundead

The full lyrics to the incredibly entertaining "Blackout 5" battle.

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Round 1


Shoutout to King Of The Dot and OVO one time

For flying out Jet Li on a Lear (Aaliyah) Jet cuz Lil Romeo Must Die

My last battle was Battle Of The Bay 5

That was 5 years ago, when I was ‘yay’ high

I feel Paranoid on a 'Ye high cuz with these cameras, this host

And this little pussy, am I on Dateline?

I could kill you in 6 seconds I should just make Vines

Let’s save time, just say “time”

He’s probably gon say some Asian shit and pull out shoguns

Peking Duck, Ching Chang Chong

Wait, slow that down, did I accidentally diss you?

I said pull out yo guns, peeking duck, ching chang chong

That shit is easy as fuck, I don’t like to slow it down

When I spit a line, I want y’all to know it now

You always over-explain, that shit is overly done, ain’t y’all over it yet?

Ironic, the shortest motherfuckers always trying to go over ya head

How you that small? You look like a male Bratz doll

You know I actually auditioned for Wild 'N Out

Then I looked in the mirror and said, “that’s not what I’m about”

They had me rhyme in a Chinese accent, I told em I’m from Koreatown

Then they asked the black guy next to me

To wear a wig and a Madea gown

Y’all know him as Conceited now

You’re a D-list celebrity, I’d rather keep my integrity

I’d make more money in my sleep while you sleep with the enemy

I couldn’t have bought my condo with Con dough, I got Dumb money

And that’s not a pun dummy, now I got young money for the artist fee

And you also got young money for modeling the cover of Carter 3

Look at his baby ass with his baby tats

You buy your guns at Baby Gat

Your first job you babysat

When you throw out punches they feel like baby daps

Ya favorite rapper is Baby Bash

That’s not a punchline, that’s real … baby facts


Listen here Dumbfounded, now you going against the hoodie type

The gun’ll spit, give you a bunch of tips, I ain’t talking about good advice

Nigga you ain’t cooking me, the only thing you cook is rice

Aight, which one of y’all Dumbfounded, both you niggas look alike

So y’all finally put Dumbfounded in front of me

They say you are what you eat, no wonder why this cat kept duckin me

Nigga me and this chin should’ve been battled

I would’ve sawed you and flamed ya

They’ll think that the dot is determined to save ya

Cuz they gave me the body I always wanted like a personal trainer

So I’ll PULL UP on that SET you REP

Get ya stomach cut without doing SITUPS

You better DIP, it won’t WORKOUT if I SPOT

You with the POUNDS I LIFT UP

When the mac’s/MAX OUT you ain’t doing SQUAT

Y’all better see DUMB-BELL/bail when I send this CHIN UP

This kid Dumb is the worst dressed in battle rap history

I mean I hate ya shoes b

You only roll in something fresh when you making sushi

And what you wear doesn’t match like the lips and words in Asian movies

Y’all move y’all mouths a million times for just one word and it still be off


They be like “……………..Hi”

The sound effects never on time either

It’s either like *kshch* or *huhhuh**kpshpsh*

But try that kung fu shit with me I’ma grip the 8

You don’t want me to cook ya noodle

Well get low man (Lo Mein) like what’s on ya dinner plates

Don’t believe anything this ninja say or one word he spit today

Cuz just like ya YouTube clip we know everything you kickin fake

This nigga’s name is Jonathan Park

That’s not a punchline, that’s real facts!

No cab when you see an arm wave

You can get hit with the knife

But a (butter) toast will spread when I give Park, K’s (Parkays)

I’ll show up at ya front door with a large 8 right where John stay

It’ll be looking like Monopoly cuz I got the metal piece at Park Place

You will get wet, grab a poncho nigga

I point with the 9 like Rondo nigga

And you gonna hear a lot of steel like I’m a Toronto nigga

Round 2


How you say that kick video was fake? That shit was real

It’s as real as you grip the steel

If I can’t kick it, yo ya bitches will

There's perks to being short, I don’t care what y’all think

When you got small feet, you can get the Jordans all cheap

When you order a shot at the bar, that’s a tall drink

He got 3 hot tubs at the crib, all sinks

I know these short jokes are getting old, but I ain’t even gotta use those

They’re just starting to grow on me, but you won’t

So I had some of my North Korean homies hack into ya emails

I found some very interesting details

Keywords like: latex, shaved legs, jpegs of Taye Diggs, all types of gay shit

But I know you ain’t gay cuz you into Asians, but yours look like cavemen

I stay with a bad bitch, what you think is a dime is maybe ehhh 6

Like if you went to a Thai whore house they be last pick and have dicks

I get the top hoes at the Brothel

You couldn’t reach the top row at a Costco’s

It’s impossible, you’re hella short

You, Emmanuel Louis, Gary Coleman, Martin Lawrence

Lil Bow Wow, Big Bow Wow, and Kevin Hart

Black Hollywood’s 7 Dwarfs

A bunch of midgets in the woods living large

You seem all tough in Hollywood

But it’s all an act in the end (Indian) like Bollywood

When I’m talking K pop, I ain’t talking Gangnam Style

I’m talking Gangland files

In LA words can get you killed like the hangman round

Lately the battle scene has gotten Iggy Azalea

But I ain’t talking black and white

I’m talking make believe and actual life

Hear how you glorifying guns and probably gon have a blast tonight

There’s some kid in every major city in America

Who’s gon get blast tonight

You have imaginary guns, some people have mandatory ones

I seen them Wild 'N Out reruns of you rapping having fun

The homie died the other day, the news ain’t ran the story once

Sometimes I think we both forget that we both sell rhymes

But hook us up to a polygraph, bet I won’t fail mine

With ya folktales of dope sales, ain’t no shells flying

Cuz real rounds don’t end when the host yells time


You and ya whole Asian gang, I’ll just use one fist to hit you

I’ll put my right hand on that yellow circle, that’s Twister nigga

Double deuce deuces, with these little blickers I’ll grip the trigger

You could get shot down by the twins more than Roger in Sister Sister

I’m quick to grip a Wesson or a 12, I’ll let the weapon give you hell

Just like your fortune cookies you can get the message from a shell

You cuff ya bitch like she in jail when she give me mad choch

Yeah, you’re part of the Swim Team, I give her back strokes

She give me fast throat and do good when she south

Since she eat with chopsticks

She should be used to having some wood in her mouth

But she has the flattest ass and chest I have ever seen

She such a small skeezer

If I was you I wouldn’t be WRESTLING to hit that RAW neither

I mean she from China/CHYNA, why would you take her?

No matter what she ROCK nothing BIG SHOWS

From any ANGLE that JOHN seen her (CENA)

This large nina make sure ya nephew and niece are slaughtered

And ya AUNT MAY find ya UNCLE BEN killed like PETER PARKER

Nigga the clip will be on ya head, you don’t need a barber

And that shit will “BOW!” like you when you greet ya father

I’ll kick in his door, walk in his home, start waving like I’m finna go

When I’m licking ain’t no envelope

I’ma hit ya sensei, ya grandfather, I’ma kill ya folks

I’ma bring the Maggie to that yellow family like the Simpsons show

Y’all niggas know I’ma sling him, them 9’s I’ma bring em

And I bring the war to park (waterpark) like Wild Water Kingdom

I’m bringing the heavy can, any problems I’ll let the semi blam

If things go South Park soon as you walk I’ll (Kyle)

Make sure you get caught man (Cartman) how can he (Kenny) stand? (Stan)

Y’all catch that? Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Stan

Man that’s why this chinky hates me

If it’s problems I’ll get the shit jumping like Mr. Hanky

Now lastly they told me

By the looks of his eyes he might be sleepin on you

So I better come with it

I should be scared of his freestyles and horrified of Dumbs writtens

Had me like “shit in this battle Dumbfounded gonna cook and eat me”

Nah just kidding


I said Dumbfounded gonna cook and eat me? Nah, just kittens


Round 3


I’m opening up for Pat Stay and Charron, shake my head

I started this nerdy shit, this the motherfuckin thanks I get?

I get the club going up like ILOVEMAKONNEN

You get in the club droppin names like “I’m with Nick Cannon”

He rocks expensive shit and licks his lips like LL Cool J over here

The difference is you’ve been rappin bout dudes ya whole career

By the way what’s all that shit on ya neck? What’s all that shit mean?

Oh I get it, we all make mistakes when we’re fifteen

This is where me, Tunechi and Wiz link

We got grown man tats lil Tyga, that shit is Kid Ink

How much work could they done on you?

Matter fact that’s the only time you’ve had a gun on you

Ratatatat butterflies on your back

And some Chinese letters that don’t mean jack

Every battle you do is a short film

Oh you got unlimited ammo? Does that mean I could have force fields?

Does that mean I could have orc sword shields

A giant hammer that Thor wields?

Does that mean I could have orbs, pills, potions to level up more skill?

Just cuz you talk about guns doesn’t make it more real

You’re a dork still

While you and ya crew was playing Gangster: The Gathering

I went on a couple dates with ya family

Met his mama on Tinder, thought we had something special

I leaned in to kiss her, she said “SLOW IT DOWN! I JUST ME YOU!”

So I holla’d at his Auntie, real polite, real respectful

I thought she’d want me


My last resort was his sister, I knew I’d be successful

I was like … all aggressive with it like “let me hit!”


It’s funny how you think Organik is your friend but he’s just exploiting you

He’s like Nick Cannon at the end

But after this I may never have to battle rap again

But you, you’ll be back up here again

Battling with him, battling with them

Battling with enemies, battling with friends

What’s your name sir? Jim? You’ll be battling with Jim

With you it’s a never ending battle and the battle never ends

The end…


We was supposed to battle 2009 in Grind Time with the bars you ran

So what we need relay for?

You was pissed, I was buzzin, if we battled you would be a corpse

So that shows I been made John mad in (Madden) ’09 like EA Sports

I mean I thought you would sign a deal

You mad cuz my views are climbing mills?

I know that shit was driving him crazy, like when you behind the wheel

I shoot and fire steel that’ll pop at ya

And I light 8 sticks like it’s Hanukah

Just to get you/jew capped like a yarmulke

That’ll erase this (Racist) mark like a swastika

I load and flash steel, that’s photographers

And the can it’ll (Canada) cap it all (Capital) like Ottawa

Yo I’m boxing ya if we brawl up in this place

You’ll get knuckles all up in ya face

And ya head be knocked off like the Jordans that y’all make

So y’all go and gave me this Chino in TO

Who eats soup named miso and he’s called a hero?

Nigga I will take every dollar you got if ya gwap got zeroes

Like that movie they was shooting, Heat

Al Pacino’s in the cast and Rob Deniro


I said we’re shooting heat, I’ll put Chino’s in a cast and rob deniro

You take this Asian pride shit so far

Your favorite battle rapper is probably Math

I mean, there’s nothing left to talk about

You’re so Asian, when you get hungry you argue with ya girl on purpose

So she can put you in the dog house

You take this Asian pride shit so far, you probably love Ryu

And ya 2nd favorite battle rappers Tsu Surf

Cuz he puts his rhymes in subtitles

I should let the snub light you right now, you’ll let the pipe blaow?

Nigga pipe down, you ain’t got the MAGNUM for PROTECTION to pop

Con, dumb (CONDOM) it’s not in your LIFESTYLE

I need you to tell me right now

Why do you use “R’s” instead of “L’s” when you speak?

He be like “Herro!” my favorite rapper is Ril Wayne

I mean now that’s the truth, I ain’t racist

I don’t know if that’s something you do cuz you’re Asian

But in this battle I’ll give you a L so you can use it in ya language

That Ruger get to banging

Put you in ya place if you coming for Con dough (Condo)

Go realer (Gorilla) with the bananas

For the monkey business wherever con go (Congo)

Why would you think a nine would miss (Anonymous)?

Bullets have no name but they still coming for John though (John Doe)

Y’all know SONS created a lane for any battler that has bars

Even when you Asian will break

And somebody down and killin em, that’s ours

No, when you Asians will break and somebody down and killin em

That’s SARS

So even if he did say he’ll boil me like Ether when he bust guns

These blickers kick back like 3 Ninjas

You Rocky? Put the colt to ya tum tum

And if you did have a gun

You would give nobody the bucks, you like Lush One


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Cover photo by Dan Gibs.

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