Charlie Clips vs. JC

Charlies Clips battled JC at GO-Rilla Warfare and Black Ice Cartel "Awakening" on October 19 in Chicago, Illinois.

Round 1


Grown man bars is something you gotta deal with it

Nah that’s not my shit…

Nestle Crunch bars is something you had your meal with

So no matter how many of them fabricated lines you

Give DNA you still gotta chaperone them field trips

A lot of nigga say this is past due, I gladly debate

I was already passing this hater now a few battles in

Now I’m also here for an actual favor

Charlie.. Charlie.. Charlie.. I am that nigga and you know it Charlie

So don’t give me that same hopeless Charlie

That fake a freestyle when I’m choking Charlie, I need better

Cause wait, you put on

Which means I can feed better cause of the weight you put on

So it’s showtime, let’s rock Charlie, I solidified my spot Charlie

And I’m ready to pop, there’s Choppers everywhere

It look like a Harley Davidson block party

I’m kicking doors down, even clapping the neighbors

If he don’t pay today, layaway

We gon drop one and come back for him later

Now DNA, you had my name in your mouth twice

And I did not respond to you cause I felt like…..

Your painful faced ass done had enough stress

Besides y’all only accomplish in being the accomplice

That mean y’all association suspect

My bars been on Neptune I been called a NERD

Obviously I don’t get the shit, but since I’m Grindin

I’ma be more known for what I did with Clips

See now that’s a for real scheme, and a Pharrell scheme

This shit mean, Inf beam

WIll put a whole clip on the Clips and give him a split screen

You know exactly what I don’t like

About your guess which room I’m in scheme?

You started with the kitchen

We all know that’s the hardest place to part you from, admit it

But I’m past it tho

I mean you not really built to handle the problem you asking for

Trust me it’s rough like that

Something as simple as a hand raise

And they’ll have to find ya whole band aid, I’m cut like that

Chicago, I’m back in this bitch once again

I feel like I’m developing with you

Besides Gracie always trying to throw me a fat bitch pussy

She just aint ever tell me it was you

Battle rap can’t do shit with me, I think they missing that

When I say nobody alive that’s stopping me

That’s like private property, you should take offense/a fence to that

cause I’m so official, I don’t give a fuck if ya soldiers with you

I’m cut with that metal like Yoshimitsu

If I send shooters, no one miss you, If you get hit, no one miss you

They came whole blocks Charlie, you still here?

They wasn’t suppose to get you

Now if I sent a hit, soldiers, militant, unloading missiles

Fold them hoes that’s with you

Lift an arm that’ll get him sent to god

And let his soul assist him thru the solar system

What’s happening Charlie?

You was known for that action what happened Charlie?

All that chapping will have me and my cats

Silence them straps and Chaplin Charlie

See I’m a war vulture

You should’ve agreed to this when you was more sober

cause now this won’t end until I spray up that crib, that’s a 4/fore-closure

Something about this got you thinking this a game my nigga

Every line you got for me is watered down line

You had for somebody else, the shit’s the same my nigga

Difference is I’m well rounded, well around, round for round the nicest

And you just well rounded, but that’s not my point

My point is it’s pointless to bring that game to an unpredictable court

This is the sport where I kick in the fort

Burn everything and get rid of the corpse

So let’s play, with that scope ain’t shit below that thick ass neck say

If I could even knock food off chest plates, I’m amazing Charlie

I’m amazing Charlie, amazed at the amazement of them

Seeing you struggle with this maze you in, Charlie

Face that shit, I’m that nigga

Now do something to forget about this ass whooping

You got a girl, go smash Ash nigga

Funny thing is I had that same line for K-Shine

When I was gon battle that nigga

Any beef, my niggas just roll up, stretching niggas

It’s like publishing clearing house, we just showed up checking niggas

Face it fat man, everybody wanna be me but can’t accept my weight

I’m lying? You had 2 battles in 5 years

Now you got 3 in 3 weeks, I rest my case

But to be honest, I really think you gon survive nigga

Sike, I lied nigga!

Charlie Clips been thru all that without fuckin up, imagine that shit

But I’ma dude who real, I’m too for real and you a blooper reel

Cause they just laughing at Clips

But that “sike I lied shit, awful habit

Smack aint book you cause you lost to Magic, it was awful, tragic

I saw it happen, but you looked worse for more bitchin

They wanted to shut you up

So they sent you from a magician to a mortician, I’m so ready

I got the team with,here  I got the screen switched

I told’em air uzi’s like BET air movies, that mean clean Clips

Stop bitchin, I’ll have ya whole block missing

Call ya troops, the plot thickens, I SWAT raid

Blocks cave when I’m stock pitching

Stop pitching and I’m hittin everything, not missing

And we not lock picking, if it’s locked, kick it!

Dry Clips like we editing, fry his skin

And make’em all watch cause I tied his kin

I got Clips Roc’d first like Lionz Den

Everybody you with, Clips, a bitch, Clips, watch…….. Bitch

Real shit, DNA is really ugly bro, you think hoes watchin him?

Cause it’s about to get real Clips, like most shocking

I’m better than you with every ability

That’s why losing to me is an inevitability

I don’t try to spit, but I’m a businessman

That’s why last week I retired Rich and I’ll probably retire rich

You said, “Fuck Smack” you fucking with Coke right?

But he choke so much he probably don’t even remember the shit

Well that’s cool just don’t expect any credit

Until these niggas see the end of Clips

You just lost a fat ass battle

Charlie Clips

Club Adrionis, this look like the same club I think Smack spent 6 G’s at

Oh yeah, I remember being in this bitch

cause this the same spot I killed Big T at

Okay, okay it was a debatable classic

They locked two big gorillas right

It’s like they put us like in one little cage

And Big Kannon tried to battle me after that but I told him “No!

I will not battle no more fat niggas on this little ass stage”

Now you said my “Guess which room I’m in” scheme was kinda weak

And I started off in the kitchen

But I was losing weight at the time, so that was the last room

But see lyrically that’s why I know you aint shit

cause if you studied my scheme

You would’ve knew that I started off in the bathroom

They got me back in Chicago for some Bull-shit

I thought they was gonna give me a gangsta nigga

That be gripping the hammer

instead they gave me a nigga that’s NICE

Nah I’m serious, like dude got ridiculous manners

Mz Gracie called my phone like, “who you wanna battle babe?”

I’m like, “slow down, I’m bout to give you the answer”

Then her phone started breaking up, now I know what happened

The bitch must’ve thought I said give me a dancer

You did a dance video for Chris Stokes, clearly, no debating

You a lame dog, but the fucked up part is y’all still believe is his gun bars

And that’s a shame dog

I hate that fucking video! No I’m lying, you did yo thing dog

Between me and you my favorite part

Was when you did the robot to take yo chain off

If you wanna be a dancer than be a dancer

Battle rapping won’t stop ya skills

But you can’t kill a nigga then pop lock, that just says I don’t pop the steel

If you try to do the robot around me, I’ma let this 4 pop ya grill

You’ll be moving slow the rest of ya life, I’ll turn you into a robot for real

Aint no “haha” or “kiki” little nigga that was a true bar

See lyrically y’all think I’m ill, but the way he rap, you think you are

You stole ill style, ill delivery, you even say ya words just like him

You probably wanna wear skinny jeans and go to sleep

and then wake up to Verb, just like him

You probably be like, “mmm mmm mmm”

And wear female Uggs just like him

If you think you better than me, well now you on drugs, just like him

Nigga y’all not thugs, you just light skin

You stealing Smack’s change, Yung ill became a cokehead

What else they got in common? Y’all both from the Midwest

Both took a L to O Red

But since we talking about Jersey, my Shotgun will throw lead

Impact will be Serius cause my Arsonal got no dreads

These bullets will Surf in ya calf, knock off ya whole leg

My shit hit niggas and bitches, my pump co-ed

If ya girl don’t wanna die here tell her weave

I grab the whole head; put a scalp on the barrell

And let it rain their with no sled

You stole Smack change my nigga, you have no bread

That’s why ya girl wake up to my sausage every morning with no eggs

cause you’ll battle for a plane ticket

Parasuco’s with the lines going down both legs

A Paco linen vest and probably a new pair of pro kegs, but we off that

My shooter is so cold with that iron you would think my Hitman is anemic

He don’t save bullets he throw everything up

It’s like my Hitman is bulimic

He’ll catch you with ya girl, that’s 3 shots, my Hitman is a genius

Two for you, but the 3rd round is for ya boo, my Hitman is conceited

Y’all get it, 3rd round, boo, Hitman, Conceited

I’m so mean with it, for those who aint catch it, that 3rd round shit

I’ll bring it back and do a different scheme with it

If yo ex is a Factor in yo life she could be mean with it

I catch that bitch walking Miles in Detroit

I grab my gun attach the beam with it

3 shots, hit a spleen with it

Tell Marvwon/one to clean the scene with it

Cops come all they find is 3 rounds and that bitch choking

I’m so Qleen with it

I know you not from the D, but it’s all Michigan to me

So why not break it down?

Why give the X-Factor the whole clip

When I showed y’all he couldn’t take a round?

I’ll tie his brother Midwest up and tell him “shhh! Don't make a sound”

With a sharp ass knife, I give “em an inch and God will be taking Miles

Y’all know that old saying, “give an inch, take a mile”

Well that’s drastic, they like how you come up with this shit?

A.I. couldn’t even give you the answer cause that’s practice

You from the Yak? Well I’ll grab this big ass K

And it’ll spin a Yak backwards is.. who else is from the YAK tho?

You and ill Will? Y’all got some hard fans

Y’all know y’all love ill Will, but if we battled who’d die?

Ill will like it’s God’s plan, so tell Ill Will

He better have an ill will before I send him in God’s hand

Cause Ill WIll will get to speak to Ill WIll when I send him next to Nas’ man

My Beloved Joed Budded said that you would win this battle

And I was thinking, “damn, that’s how my nigga Mouse feel?”

Well he was kidding/kitten, he set you up for the trap

So you could understand how a mouse feel

You not lyrical, you spit a bar forward then bring a bar backwards

That aint about skill, you say stupid shit like

“Charlie you build your house, I sit back and watch my house build”

And we’ll all go “wooh! That shit was flames my nigga”

But “house build, build house” that shit is the same my nigga

If you wanna become top tier

That bullshit you do gon have to change my nigga

Or you aint gon see Cash Money til you 35 like The Game my nigga

Or how about when you told ill

“Nigga you force yo punch, I punch with force”

Now my dumbass at the time was like

“Wooh! That shit was flames my nigga”

Then my mans tapped me like, “yo, force yo punch, punch with-”

That shit is the same my nigga

See that’s why you lost to O Red, yeah you did ya thing my nigga

You was a Menace til O Dogg’d you without Kane my nigga

And you not undefeated, yeah

I’m just waiting on King Of The Dot to drop the fuckin footage

Not of me killing Dirtbag Dan, but of you taking a clear L to 100 Bulletz

And you lost to Young Kannon

Had a gun in front of you but didn’t pull it

So how yall calling him a killer

When he couldn’t handle a Cannon, Clips, and Bulletz

But these Stan’s probably think all 3 of us again

And burn you until you see ashes

Cause a cannon plus a clip that hold 100 bulletz equal 3 caskets

I don’t know about Darell Jones

But everything in my Arsonal do rematches

But if you wanna fight, if you wanna catch the fade

Serious/Serius my hands will line him up Brazilian style

Grab this pussy, give him a design and cut

Drop the blade, I look for the shit and if I go find the pump

My shit go, nigga you lucky my time is up